3 Simple Interior Design Ideas

When you get the feeling that your home is lacking a certain something, usually the culprit is a lack of detail. Images, and showcases of interior design layouts, colors and fabrics will often have a degree of detail which sets the whole design in motion, such as pair of slippers over there, or a book over here. Once you have completed your home, even if the colors, floors and furniture is exactly as you wanted it, you will feel the lack of detail as an absence of a completed feeling. Luckily, remedying this is very simple and so today we are going to go through some very simple interior design ideas to bring those rooms to life!

1.)   Wall décor and transfers

Very simple, easy to use and easy to attach, wall transfers are making waves in the interior design world for their ease of use and their ability to transform a room. Take a blank wall in a room of your choosing, and through a small cash sum of around twenty to thirty pounds, you can turn that wall into a statement, a picture or simply break up the monotony with a stick on. You don’t have to worry about longevity much either, as transfers come in different materials from paper to vinyl to give you a long lasting tattoo on your wall that can be easily wiped and cleaned like the rest of your home. Wall décor in the form of transfers add a third dimension to a room and give it depth and feeling, so dot be afraid and get sticking!

2.)   Ornaments

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If you rolled your eyes when you saw the word “ornaments” then for sure you are thinking about a cluttered home full of decade old relics that reek of lack of taste and age. You could not be more wrong! Ornaments can be anything from floral arrangements, to photos, to holiday relics which, if done correctly and appropriately can bring life, energy and atmosphere to a boring and quiet room.  The trick in choosing what you display and how you display is by choosing items that are of an appropriate shape, size, style and colour: and this is the rule to follow for photo frames, mirror borders and items like models or faux plants. With these items you can either create a feature wall, or a decoration or simply use them to break up monotonous areas like fireplace mantle pieces and window ledges.

Interior design (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3.)   Rearrange

Very simple, very easy and at no cost at all is the classic trick of rearranging the rooms, and room layout. A very simple way to refresh your home: many people like to remove rugs in the summer and replace in the winter. Swapping around shelving space, moving sofas from one end to the other and organizing storage units and areas do amazing things for your interior design, and the main reason for this is the impact of natural sunlight which changes throughout the year. Dark winters will have an impact, as would like bright summers so rearranging the home to make the best of these natural changes will keep your home fresh, alive and relevant all year round!

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Author:Ben Inder – Follow him on Google+.