How to Find Designer-Looking Jewelry at Warehouse Prices

We all dream of being able to shop at Tiffany’s, Buccellati and Harry Winston. But the reality is that very few of us have the budgets for such splurges.

Still, your jewelry box can give the appearance of stocking designer brands, at warehouse prices. There are some great knockoffs out there, as well as smart ways to pay a fraction of what most people shell out for the very top brands.

Here’s a guide to finding the best deals on top-notch (or top-notch-looking) jewelry.

Look for Unexpected Bargains

You wouldn’t go to a clothing store for humane mouse traps, and the same approach holds true for most specialty items. But you may just find the best price for jewelry somewhere other than a jewelry store.

Search department stores, sites like and thrift stores for unexpected treasures. Often you can find designer items at a fraction of the usual retail price.

Keep an open mind. Maybe you wouldn’t go to a thrift store for dishes, but for a cheap brooch to pull together your designer suit, it might be worth it.

Don’t Turn Up Your Nose at Knockoffs

Knockoffs get a bad reputation for damaging easily and being made with less care than the high-priced items they imitate. But it is possible to search outdecent-quality knockoffs that look nice and don’t break the bank.

One way is to contact jewelers or stores in other countries. You will have to pay more to get the item shipped, but they are often cheaper than those produced in the U.S.

You can also buy jewelry with fake stones rather than real ones. Just make sure the pieces don’t look like colored glass and actually sparkle.

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Sterling silver is a terrificlow-cost replacement for platinum or gold. Seek out items that employ sterling silver instead of its more expensive counterparts.

Be Flexible

You may have a specific style, or even a specific item, in mind when you begin your search for cheap jewelry. But the key to finding a deal is to be flexible.

Don’t get attached to a particular design, or even a particular stone. Be open to ideas and layouts that you aren’t familiar with. Don’t rule anything out until you’ve actually seen the piece.

You might be surprised at how well a clearance item you never would have chosen for full price complements your wardrobe.

Shop Clearances

Make sure you stay up on which shops offer sales and when. Become friendly with jewelry sellers and they can alert you to upcoming clearance offers.

Remember, there’s never a good reason to pay full price. With patience or a little bit of a change in your expectations, you can find a deal for every piece in your jewelry collection.