6 Tips & Tricks to Organize Your Home Office

One of the most popular design trends today is the addition of a home office. Whether it’s the attic or a former guest room, having your own area for work can easily spell convenience and efficiency.

Many of those who have a home office struggle with keeping it organized. If you’re one of them, worry no more. Below are some of the tips and tricks to spick and span your home office and finally get some work done.

1. Declutter your desk.

Whether it’s a bunch of receipts, old notes or other paperwork, you need to sort your mess first. You’re in the process of organizing all the items you have in your home office so make sure you toss out those you don’t need.

Hiding the mess inside your drawer or postponing it for another day won’t help. You need to declutter you desk right now so everything else will follow.

2. Have a memo board.

A lot of us rely on our smartphones for task reminder. The problem here is we often forget to alarm it or easily neglect it once the phone beeps.

What you need is a good old-fashioned memo board. Once you’ve gotten rid of your unnecessary mess, it’s time to lay out the meetings, deadlines and to-do lists for you to see. Not only will it be good for visual reminders, a memo board is something you will look at everyday.

3. Fix your cables.

Cables crawling like snakes in every corner— that’s a sight that’s eternally cluttering your area. Not only are they messy, they can be dangerous too as they are a fire hazard.

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Get rid of those appliances and electronic devices that you rarely use. Replace your mouse and keyboard with wireless ones. If it really can’t be helped and you need all those cabled devices, get them neatly tied and tucked.

4. Maximize your vertical space.

Your home office should be a place where you can move around without making a mess of anything. That’s why you need to keep things off the floor as much as possible.

Maximize your vertical space by installing shelves, hooks and racks. You can dedicate this storage area for paperwork you don’t always need to access or other knick-knacks you may have.

5. Invest on wheels.

The beauty of wheeled chairs and cabinets is you can easily move around with them. You no longer have to reposition each and every time you need to reach something.

So instead of just getting those stagnant drawers and cabinets, go for the more mobile ones to save your time and effort.

6. Be systematic and file wisely.

Filing cabinets are best for those folders, papers and envelopes that need to be arranged in a specific order. You also need to label everything.

A home office should be a place where you actually want to work. So if you want to be productive at home once again, consider these steps.

By Petar Dzhingarov