Apps That Can Help You Learn Tarot Divination

There are a lot of online resources that can be used by those who want to learn tarot divination: blog articles, e-books, social media groups and online courses, but the most useful and simple to use tools nowadays are tarot divination apps. Besides the readings with lots of insights, these apps are a great learning tool for those who want to discover how to get a glimpse into what the future may hold for them and others. Some of these apps are compatible with iOS devices, others with Android devices or Windows devices and there are also tarot divination apps that are compatible with both devices.

Tarot Readings HD

Tarot Readings HD

Price: $4.5

Tarot Readings HD mimics the real experience of a tarot reading. The user types a question then the deck is shuffled and the cards can be picked and placed face up. When the user clicks the card, the card’s symbolism and the placement in the spread are explained. Users can also zoom in to see the cards’ details and they can compare cards from different decks. Based on the card’s symbolism explanation, the user can interpret the meaning of their answer. This app is great for learning every cards’ significance and it also allows users to learn how to interpret the cards and to provide answers to questions. Tarot Readings HD is amazing for those who like to learn tarot divination in a practical way.

Galaxy Tarot

Galaxy Tarot

Price: the app has a free version and a premium version ($4.95)

If Tarot Readings HD offers access to information and it allows users to interpret cards, Galaxy Tarot is designed for those who want to learn tarot divination. Qualitatively, the content and information provided by the app are better. The user can draw one card and then consult a Tarot encyclopedia or can make a spread by shuffling or picking the cards. The user can also choose from three spreads (in the free version): Celtic Cross, Three Cards and Relationship. After choosing the spread, the user can learn the meaning of the positions of the cards in the spread and their interpretation. Also, the user can learn the symbolism behind every card. Those who choose the premium version have more spreads options they can learn about and they are also able to take notes and save readings.

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Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings app

Price: free version and users can also have access to paid readings from experts.

Tarot Readings is a great app for both experts and amateurs who want to learn more about tarot divination. The user can test the Subconscious Mind selection mode or hand pick a card. There are over 2000 cards meanings explained in various spheres including love, career, health and advice for both upright and reversed cards. The users are allowed to create spreads and to learn about the significance of the position of the card in the spread. The predictions can be saved in a diary and users can consult them later. From the general interpretation and the information provided by this app, those who want to learn tarot divination can acquire useful information from Tarot readings. The app is easy to use and it has video tutorials that guide the first time users. This tool is great for those who want to learn and practice tarot divination at the same time.