New iPhone 5 with the AWS band HSPA support

For the United States, Apple has developed a new iPhone 5, which supports the so-called AWS band for HSPA modes for the first time. Apple has just put a new firmware as one of the four iPhone-5 models by the LTE support on AWS HSPA was prepared.

The US part of Deutsche Telekom, The T-Mobile United States, will take an iPhone from Apple, now for the first time inside the program. This isn’t an ordinary apple iPhone, but a customized device that revealed a few interesting details about mobile networks and the difficulty, because the Telekom need to make use of an uncommon band and strange advertising in the United States. Deutsche Telekom sold first major 4 g network, and also the daughter in the usa for around three years in the United States of its cellular network than that although she only now begins with the LTE expansion so that when in comparison to the mother within Germany late is pretty.

A well-known LTE device just for T-Mobile United States on the market comes with the iPhone 5. T-Mobile United States carriers and phone manufacturers facing challenges, since during the past 5 years, the U.S. operator without the prestige device had to come from iPhone. Regarding the iPhone, Apple soon sold the device having a different firmware having better AWS support.

The so-called AWS band which provides coverage for the frequency range 1700/2100 MHz is used by the telecoms in the United States. This is true both for old 4 G, which in this country by the Telecom 3 G or HSPA + (21 MBit/s single channel,42 MBit/s dual channel) will be sold, as well as for new 4 G, say LTE. For HSPA + need a T-mobile device 1700 (uplink) as well as 2100 MHz (downlink). Its Hard is to find a openly accessible cell phone, Tablet, as well as built-in modem for notebooks that may perform both. Because most freely available cell phone support just the upper band, they can interact only in the GSM / EDGE area with T-Mobile United States. For browsing on the Internet is really slow. So far, could the iPhone 5 T-Mobile AWS band do not use, since it supported these types of frequencies in combination only for LTE and just one model (A1428) – but only with the carrier AT& T. The launch of LTE from T-Mobile was still lacking though it was technically previously applied.

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To make matters really interesting, this model is tailored to be really easy to repair. Nowadays, you can easily opt for iPhone repair that come to you and not have to pay much for this benefit.

The customized form of the iPhone 5 A1428 right now will also support HSPA+on the AWS band, which still lacked as implemented in the firmware. Still, Apple has not adapted the technical specifications. Just until January 2013, FCC documents published, but partly from the display these skills. Engadget has described that the old, bought for AT&T Hardware identical A1428 models not just off will support the AWS band via software update of LTE. For old iPhones the 1,900 MHz band may be interesting, which T-Mobile United States also used.

This band is currently being rebuilt. The EDGE services are adjusted along with the frequency reused rather than HSPA. T-Mobile United States mentions in his blog HSPA +-support for expansion of the target. Because the 1,900 MHz band worldwide is much better supported than the AWS band, also many other Smartphone’s might be used in the T-Mobile HSPA network. For Deutsche Telekom, which may be a significant step? 

By Boris Dzhingarov