Equipments to have before setting up a restaurant

The business of setting up and managing a restaurant takes a lot of investment, planning, foresight and dedication. But if you can get it right through the initial stage, then you’re in for some big reward. Of course starting a restaurant requires that you get a good spot, do some amazing interior decor and get good equipment.

Equipment to have before setting up a restaurant:

Cooking equipment

A restaurant is meant to cook food and serve it to the customer, which is natural. Unless your customers are a bunch of cavemen, you will need to cook your food and spice it before serving. This is why you’ll certainly require cooking equipment like deep fryers, stoves, ovens and grills to command the aroma out of your food items. You’ll also need a cooktop. This will give you the power to fry, sauté or cook any type of food without any restrictions.

Washing equipment

Customers will forgive you if you make all the mistakes restaurant owners make except for one; untidiness. People just can’t stand the fact that they may be exposed to health risks by coming to have a twenty-minute meal at your restaurant. The only way to avoid this is to acquire washing equipment and install them everywhere including the kitchen, restaurant halls and in the restrooms. Include appropriate sinks with enough supply of soap and warm water. Washing equipment like sink is extremely essential for cleaning your tableware, utensils and pots. And they are also essential in food processing.


restaurant equipment
By stu_spivack under CC BY-SA 2.0


Freezers and refrigerators

One of the most difficult aspects of starting a restaurant is the fact that you cannot correctly predict how many people will come in any day. So you need to pile up the food stuff in preparation for any emergency customer influx. But while you keep the food in the kitchen you need to ensure they are of top quality. This is what makes refrigerators and freezers one of the most important equipment to have before setting up a restaurant. It will help stop bacteria from growing in your food and save you from any disaster that may occur due to food getting spoilt. There are a large range of refrigerators and freezers for you to choose from the small under-counter ones to the walk-in models.

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Safety equipment

The mixture of naked fire, cooking gas, kitchen furniture, cooking oil and humans in one room can only mean that disaster is around the corner. This is why you’ll need to acquire reliable and efficient safety equipment in your kitchen to manage any fire disasters in case of emergency. Apart from fire people can also accidentally cut themselves or trip and get injured. Some the kitchen fire safety equipment that you need to acquire includes first-aid kits to treat all kinds of injuries, fire extinguishers to suppress fire outbreaks, and vent system for cooking equipment.

If you don’t have the cash to buy the new equipment you can settle for the fairly used ones. But make sure that all the equipment are in good condition and create enough space to accommodate them.