Garage Doors: All you Need to Know

Is your garage door old and therefore in need of replacement or are you thinking of purchasing a new garage door for your newly constructed garage or are you looking to finally install a door to your ever-open garage? If you answered you are looking for for an answer to any of these questions then this article is meant for you because there are certain important things you need to be aware of before you put up your money for a garage door.

First and foremost, before anything else, it is important to understand the various types of garage doors there are.

Roller garage doors

If you are short of space then this is one of the most ideal options to go for. A roller garage door is made of narrow aluminum strips that roll up to a cylindrical formation at the top of the garage when the door is opened. As the name suggests, the door is either rolled up (to open) or rolled down (to close). The great thing about these doors is that most come with a remote control and therefore you do not have to alight from your vehicle in order to open or close it.

Swing Hung Doors

These particular garage doors are operated in the traditional manner because they are hinged. This simply means that you have to manually swing them along an arc. Obviously what this means is that they consume quite a significant amount of space and therefore it would be best only to consider them if you have a big compound and extra space on your driveway.

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Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors also require significant space to operate comfortably. Basically what happens is that they move towards the driveway before moving up in order to create space for a vehicle to pass. When completely open, the door is usually in alignment and at the same level with the garage ceiling.

Sectional Doors

Again if you are looking to save on space, this is another door you might want to install on your garage. Sectional garage doors are made of four or more segments that move vertically to create an opening and then curve into horizontal tracks at the top to align with the garage ceiling. These are among the most common in the US.

Before buying a garage door, you might also want to look at a few other things and not just the type. Quite a number of people never really care to confirm just how fast a garage door can open or close – something that is quite important. If you are always driving out in a hurry, you may want to go for a garage door that comes with a powerful opener and hence faster opening speed. The average opening speed for most openers is around seven inches per second. There are those that are much slower while others can be up to twice as fast.

When buying a garage door it is very important to search online for the best supplier. Thankfully garage doors are common these days so you can find a lot of garage door sellers online.

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It is also very important to consider the safety of a garage door before purchasing it. Preferably go for doors that feature sensors as these will prevent the door from closing on vehicles and other objects that might be obstructing the opening. This will not only save you on vehicular damage costs but safeguard you from bodily injury as well.