Popular Engineering Courses in India

Engineering is one of the most favoured course around the Indian students. However, among the several fields of engineering, some disciplines happen to more favoured than the other. The following guest post takes a look at the most popular engineering courses in India

Engineering takes away all the laurels when it comes to higher education in India.

The currently followed system of higher education in India was introduced by the colonizers. Indians got acquainted with western education especially to subjects like Philosophy, Theology, Theory and others. Scientific studies were also introduced by the Europeans. Indian intellectuals started taking interest in the same as they saw imperialism as a boon in disguise that had the power to bring in the necessary modifications required in the country’s existing education system.

Post-independence, the Indian government decided to build institutes dedicated to the study of technical education and thus, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) were established across the country. Currently there are fifteen IITs. However, private engineering colleges have been raging long.

Since engineering happens to be the most sought-after course at the undergraduate level, the engineering entrance examinations, acknowledge the capability of a candidate for a particular stream. Though it is a hard decision to make, some of the popular engineering courses opted by Indian students are electronics and communication, computer science, civil engineering, chemical engineering, biotechnology, and mechanical engineering.

Computer Science or Software Engineering is the most popular engineering course that Indian students opt for. Since, India witnesses huge foreign direct investment in this sector, employment opportunities have increased in leaps and bounds. Career opportunities are incredible for young engineers in this field. Candidates who are passionate about application development and database management should go for this discipline.

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Another popular choice among students is electronics and telecommunication. Those who have a strong base in Physics, Calculus and Probability Theory stand a good chance of performing well in this field.

Civil engineering scores the next among all other streams. Students who have a keen interest in structural engineering may opt for the same. However, a strong base in Physics, Geometry and Materials Science is essential in order to excel in this field. Those who are interested in geographic technology can also opt for the same. One of the oldest engineering disciplines, civil engineering has wide scope of employment opportunities in areas such as construction, infrastructural facilities and maintenance. A civil engineer can work as a construction engineer as well. With environment related matters gaining importance day by day, civil engineers have a crucial role to play in planning facilities.

Chemical engineering follows next for students who have an interest in developing modeling new ores and developing biofuels. A keen interest in organic as well as inorganic Chemistry will be an upper hand for those who want to pursue Chemical engineering. Chemical engineers are usually absorbed in the renewable energy sector, metallurgy sector as well as nuclear power sector. They can also work in manufacturing plants.

Though a comparatively new field of engineering, Biotechnology has gained immense popularity among Indian students. Though it seems like a sister course to Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology is more specific in its realm. Physics, Chemistry and Biology are fundamental to this stream of engineering.

Graduates in Biotechnology can find employment opportunities in sectors like agriculture, health and sanitation, biodiversity conservation, fisheries and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Last but not the least, the mother of all engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering is still a favourite with Indian students. Almost all inventions since the history of menfolk have involved direct solicitation of mechanical engineering. The opportunity of a mechanical engineer has expanded since long. They can focus on areas like expansion of composite materials, ecological preservation, nanotechnology and others. Now, the ever-increasing scope of job in this field also requires the professionals to get into marketing, finance and even resource management.

Though engineering courses offered by technological institutes in India are ample, but it has been observed that the above-mentioned courses are most sought-after among the myriad fields of engineering.