5 Great Bits Of Car Technology

Every year, car manufacturers develop and create cars that surpass or outsmart the car models of previous years. Detailed and highly innovative designs are carefully incorporated to make each car model stand out not just from its previous iterations, but all the rest of the competition as well. Let’s take a look at 5 bits of great car tech today: Cars are known to be a major cause of air pollution. With the amount of gas millions of cars disperse into the atmosphere, they comprise 15% of the total carbon dioxide emissions every year. But with the development of hybrid cars, car brands were able to develop cars which use natural sources of energy that lessen the need for fossil fuel, in turn reducing emissions of harmful gases. For now, electric-powered hybrid cars are the norm, but manufacturers are also looking into other designs, hoping that one day cars can run on alternative sources of energy alone — even sources as seemingly far-fetched as compressed air.

Radar Detection

Humans built the car for transportation and comfort, but death from vehicular accidents is one of the top ten causes of deaths in the world. To solve this problem, car manufacturers are continually trying to make cars safer with the help of technology. For instance, to reduce the risk of collisions, car manufacturers built cars that can detect cars ahead or behind it. With the use of radar technology, cars can now detect when it comes too close to another car by sounding an alarm or automatically stopping at a safe distance.

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Docking Systems and Bluetooth

While cars are of course intended for transportation, they are now also typically equipped with the latest in creature comforts provided by technology. Built-in speakers, heated seats, voice command recognition, entertainment systems, satellite radios, and even luxurious upholstery are just a few of the perks built into cars. With the advent of iPhones, docking systems are now available to easily listen to your music on your iPhone or better yet, transfer your files directly to your car’s entertainment system through Bluetooth.

GPS Systems

As cars are meant for transportation, the development of the GPS meant that more people would be able to easily use cars, even if they weren’t good at reading maps. GPS systems are constantly being improved and updated, and so far it’s normal for people to talk to their cars to ask for directions, a concept completely alien and mostly science fiction just three to four decades ago.

Aerodynamics and Modernization

Brilliant minds create the brilliant cars. This is very apparent in the designs of cars sold worldwide, from the very first Ford to the latest Lamborghini. Car designs continue to integrate advancing technology by keeping up with it through design to make the car more appealing, faster, and lighter. The spoilers, vents, and the external depressions on cars today are not just part of an effort to make the cars more appealing, but also more aerodynamic and thus more travel and fuel efficient. All in all it is safe to say that the advances in technology we see in our homes and at work are quickly making their way into our cars and features that were not even available on the top of the range models 5 years ago are now standard features on even budget models.

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