The Benefits of Meditation During Pregnancy

The Benefits of Meditation During Pregnancy

August 20, 2017MeditationPregnancy6414Views

There are so many emotional and biological benefits associated with meditation. What is interesting is that these benefits actually bass towards children in the mother’s womb based on a research done by Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation. Meditation is highly recommended for pregnant women due to different reasons, with the main advantages highlighted below.

Reduced Stress And Anxiety

Anxiety will have a really bad effect on the pregnant woman. That is especially because of the negative impact on the mother’s immune system. Stress and anxiety will normally appear when a woman is pregnant and meditation can help out a lot. Out of the various problems that can appear because of anxiety and stress during pregnancy, we should mention:

  • Increased miscarriage risks
  • Increased birth defect risks
  • Low birth weight
  • Increased pain during labor
  • Premature delivery

Meditation is well known as a 100% safe way to restore normal immune system functioning and to reduce anxiety. Pain tolerance is increased thanks to stress hormones being reduced and the body will produce more endorphins, which is something that is necessary to make pregnancy easier to handle.

Increased Melatonin Production

Melatonin will help you out a lot as it can boost your immune system and your entire health. Through meditation you increase melatonin production, thus bringing in a highly calming effect and improving your mood.

Better Blood Pressure And Heart Rate

Meditation will allow you to have a reduced heart rate. This means that blood pressure goes down. Obviously, these two reduce pre-clampsia risk, together with lowering brain damage possibility in the baby.

Reduced Epidural Anesthesia And Caesarean Section

When you meditate during pregnancy, you reduce the necessity to get drugs, strong anesthesia and surgery as delivery happens. Pregnant meditators actually have a caesarean surgery necessity that is lower by 56%, while epidural anesthesia necessity goes down by around 85%.

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Enhanced Child-Mother Connection

Various meditation types will help a woman to feel connected to babies as they are inside the womb. As the mind of the woman is calmer and more focus appears, it is easier to concentrate on the womb baby. This increases the bond that appears. Pregnant women are normally calmer after a meditation session. This makes it easier to establish that really great connection.

Pregnant women normally do whatever they possibly can in order to be sure that the baby is kept safe. Meditation will help out a lot more than you may think and you want to seriously consider this. It is a certainty that you will appreciate this moment more.

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