Buying a Used Car: How to Buy Like a Dealer

Buying a Used Car: How to Buy Like a Dealer

Many people are opting to buy used cars instead of brand new ones. Buying a new car tends to have disadvantages such as major depreciation, and it’s just not worth it to buy a 60,000-dollar new car that will plummet dramatically in value in just a few years. In order to buy a used car and avoid all the possible traps and pitfalls, there are many things to consider.

Budget and Loans

When buying a used car, you need to calculate precisely how much you will be able to afford. Trying to buy a used car that is much higher than your budget allows will only cause problems.

If you find that you need a loan to help you buy a used car, you should refrain from getting a full loan. Getting a full car loan will only cause you to lose money later on because cars depreciate with time.

Also, if it’s absolutely necessary that you get a loan to help pay for at least a portion of the car, you must not get a finance plan from the used car dealership that you plan on buying the car from. If you do that, the dealership is almost guaranteed to cheat you out of money. They create their finance plans to give their dealership the most money possible.

Instead of getting a loan from the dealership, take time to look around for an establishment that will give you a loan you need without ripping you off. A tip to finding a good place to get a loan is to avoid places that say they won’t refuse any applications. These places are less than reputable.

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Roadworthy Certificate

When you are looking to buy a used car, it’s vital that the dealer has a roadworthy certificate for the car you are planning on purchasing. Do not buy a car without one. A roadworthy certificate guarantees that a car is in good condition and is safe to use on the road. Inspectors check the car’s brakes, tires, and other components to make sure they are in proper condition. This certificate protects you as a driver and saves you money. If you buy a car without a roadworthy certificate, you may be buying a vehicle with many major defects that will cost a lot of money to fix.

Avoiding the Tricks Used by Dealerships

There are several tricks that dealerships might use to make a car with problems look perfect so that you will buy it. In order to avoid buying a bad used car rife with issues, it’s important that you recognize when a dealer is trying to trick you. Some of these tricks include:
– odometer tampering
– new floor mats
– new paint job

Dealers may say that a used car you’re considering has little mileage. If you inspect the car and find that it has brake pedals or a driver’s seat that is worn out, this can reveal that the car has a very high amount of mileage. Don’t fall for this trick, and don’t buy a car with these signs.

Another trick is when you see brand new floor mats in the car. This is suspicious. You should check under the floor mats to see if there is a problem underneath such as dampness or other issues.

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Another mileage trick dealers could use is odometer tampering. Take a close look at the odometer to see if there are scratches or fingerprints on it. This may indicate tampering.

A new, shiny paint job could be a bad sign. This trick can help cover up damage from a car accident. Make sure all panels are the same color.

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