Accessorise Your Bed To Bring Out The Room And Enhance Comfort

Accessorising is an important part of home decor whether for the walls, furniture or any specific room such as the kitchen. Similarly beds are not only important for a comfortable place to plop upon but they are the largest part of furniture in the room and usually serve as the focal point, unless you have a giant canvas picture on the wall though. Decorating and accessorising this piece of furniture can make your entire room shine and attractive plus provide you something extra comfortable for sleeping. All you are required to do is invest in a few breathtaking accessories, they don’t have to be very expensive and place them correctly.

  • Headboard

The better looking the headboard is the better looking your bed and your room would be, in fact the headboard plays an important part in determining the entire theme of your room. You can go for something simple and wooden while also for a large magnificently carved wooden headboard for a traditional theme.  Upholstered headboards scream elegance and comfort while artistic headboards which can even be made using digital canvas printing can effectively give a contemporary touch to rooms.

  • Side Tables

Side tables are a must have accessory for comfort as well as design, they can be made out of wood with chrome finish or glass for something elegant but they should definitely be matched with the bed. If they have drawers they are an effective means for providing extra storage but overall they can contain task lighting, a good read and daily usable.

A pile of pillows
By Danpape (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
  • Linens and Throw
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Freshly washed, perfectly fresh and good scented linens are all about comfort even if they are not embroidered or something from Harrods, the best is a low thread count while there is nothing better then a good sleep in a soft comforter. Go for prints that match the room decor while embroidery and other embellishments such as patchwork or sequins are simply add-ons for beauty along with comfort. Bed throws are the latest fad to provide a fashionable touch to your bed, go for different textures; preferably something fluffy, they also aid in providing comfort and softness to your feed when sleeping.

  • Pillows and Cushions

Single pillow on a single bed while two pillows on a queen or king size bed are essential for sleeping but for extra comfort another set should be brought while for the perfect decor a third set should be placed but they must be decorative such as in a plush material but matching the room decor. Further cushions can be incorporated in large sizes for seating or decorative cushions such as round or heart shaped can also be placed. Go creative, but don’t overdo it since too many cushions will be difficult to sleep on and manage every day.