Seven Most Unique Souvenirs from Las Vegas

It’s considered bad luck to leave Las Vegas empty-handed, whether or not you win at the tables. So if you can’t cash in a stack of chips, take home one of these extraordinary Las Vegas souvenirs instead!

Every place you go is like no place else on earth, but one city takes individuality to a whole new level. Glamorous, exotic, even sometimes bizarre, Las Vegas, Nevada, is a thriving, vibrant city full of excitement and breathless anticipation, and completely unlike any other metropolis on the planet. Where else could you stand on a sidewalk in front of your hotel and gaze down the street at the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and the Great Sphinx all at the same time?


Las Vegas Strip
By Lasvegaslover (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Most Unique Souvenirs From Vegas:

And just as the fabulous city known as the Entertainment Capital of the World is unique, so are some of the extraordinary souvenirs available for satiated, smiling tourists to take home with them as reminders of the good times they’ve just experienced. If you’re looking for the perfect souvenir from Las Vegas, consider one of these unusual mementos from our list.

Swiveling Hips Elvis Lamp Singing Love Me Tender

Remember those “hula girl” lamps from the seventies? Elvis fans will love taking home a charming replica of Elvis Presley wearing his sequined white bell-bottoms and moving those hips in that infamously sexy dance that helped to make him the first rock star. The King is well-loved and remembered in Las Vegas, where he performed regularly to sold-out shows in the fabulous Las Vegas Hilton during the 1960s and 70s. Elvis impersonators are everywhere, singing in lounge shows, performing marriages, even juggling on the streets, and you’ll find a lot of really great Elvis souvenirs in Las Vegas. Lots of them fall into the “unique” category, like sunglasses with attached sideburns, singing teddy bears in shiny jumpsuits holding microphones, and blue suede shoes. But the Swiveling Hips Elvis Lamp heads the list of “Most Unique Souvenirs from Vegas.”

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Time- Keeping Casino Dice

No need to worry about the house advantage with these dice, because it’s your house and the numbers on the dice are there to tell you what time it is. A Las Vegas dice clock is a fantastic and fun souvenir with a practical purpose. A pair of dice add up to give you the time instead of giving you a win or a loss at the craps tables, and it’s a charming time-keeping device that makes a great conversation piece as well.


Neon, Neon, Neon

There are miles and miles of bending, twisting and turning neon lights adorning every structure, sign or attraction on the Las Vegas Strip. The replica Eiffel Tower is decked out in neon, there’s a giant neon cowgirl outside the Fremont Street Experience, even Lady Liberty is decked out in neon on the Las Vegas Strip. Neon lights enhance the carnival atmosphere that persists throughout all hours of the night in Sin City, and a neon souvenir is a perfect reminder of good times in Vegas. You can get a neon Las Vegas clock, a miniature neon-lit Vegas welcome sign, a neon sign that reads “I ‘heart’ Las Vegas,” or have a custom neon light made spelling your name.


Las Vegas Piggy Bank

Are you supposed to be saving up to gamble next time you come to Las Vegas, or is it that all you have left after gambling this visit is pocket change?


Showgirl Costume Accessories

Hmmm… Was she wearing that until she gave it to you? Here is a fun idea for gift-giving to your girlfriends back home- buy the girls each a glittery feathered headdress, or for the married man thinking of something a little more risqué, get your wife a Vegas garter belt.

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Wedding Rings

After all, Las Vegas is known as the Wedding Capital for a reason, with almost as many wedding chapels as casinos and plenty of Elvis impersonators hanging around ready to perform your wedding. A wedding ring is a souvenir that ensures you’ll never forget Las Vegas.