Highest Paying Jobs in Health

The healthcare industry is currently undergoing a huge revamping, particularly in the US. Many new health plans have been introduced and they have increased the demand of most jobs in the healthcare industry. This has encouraged many young people to join healthcare based training which is certainly a good thing. Below are some of the best paying jobs in health and it is important to consider them before joining a tertiary college for training.


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Every surgeon working in the health sector is paid very well. This is because surgeons are among the most specialized and skilled people in the world when it comes to the actual expertise.




A pharmacist is required to know the composition of effects and the likely side effects of common prescribed treatments and medications. Patients must be guided on what to avoid during medication. They also look after people with chronic illnesses especially those over 50. A pharmacist is supposed to complete undergraduate coursework in sciences and pass a pharmacy college admission exam.


Physician Assistants


They are given duties by physicians when attending more specialized matters. Such duties include prescribing routine medication, counseling patients, providing treatment and conducting complete physicals. Their need is likely to grow particularly in the inner-city and rural health care mainly because of the aging population. Their education requirements include a a degree and some health-related experience. They are given a license after completing a two-year program and passing a national exam. However, recertification should be done after every six months


Radiation Therapists


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They work with the x-rays and they review the prescription and the diagnosis provided to them by a radiologist. They also prepare equipment and maintain accurate data records. This career choice is good for anyone who is comfortable as member of a medical team fighting chronic diseases such as cancer. Reassuring personality is also important since most patients have serious problems. For you to qualify as a radiation therapist, you are required to have an associate degree, bachelor’s degree or a certificate in radiation-therapy.


Physical therapists


A physical therapist assesses the needs of people who have suffered serious injury or illness. They then organize them and come up with a rehabilitation program to assist them heal. To succeed in this field, you must be dedicated to help people realize that they can really make it . Educational requirements include a bachelor’s degree in science or a degree from an accredited physical therapist program.


Occupational therapists


They help people recovering from serious accident or illness to relearn their daily living tasks, even if they are not functioning functions, senses and limbs. This career is good for you if you like helping people succeed. The requirements are national certification, a master’s degree, and a license to practice.


For the most part, any job that is directly connected with the health sector will pay better than you may think. This is because of the extra education requirements attached to them. The above list will certainly be a good place to start if you are interested in getting one of the best paying jobs in health.

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