The Road to an Outstanding Java Developer

You have just landed up with a job in a multinational company as a Java developer. You have just started your career and there is a long way to go. You have to work hard demonstrating your skills and qualifications so that you can progress faster. This blog post endeavours to explore the things that you help you become the best Java developer in your company. Diligence, continuing education and following some useful tips will definitely get you to the top.


Tips for becoming an outstanding Java developer:

At first, you need to be well-versed in Object Oriented (OO) programming. Java is an object-oriented programming language and without a sound base of knowledge in OOPS or Object Oriented Principles, it will be difficult for you to work with utmost efficiency. Studying the definition of principles will not come to any help. You have to be skilled at applying them properly in designing a solution in a object oriented way. Therefore, look for institutions that offer courses (extensive) on


  • Object modelling
  • Design patterns
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance

Along with OO principles, it is also essential to be adept in language constructs and API cores. Since you are a Java developer, having this knowledge is vital to success. You need to learn

  • Exceptions
  • Collections
  • Generics
  • JDBC
  • Threads

If you are into web application development, you will require applying the knowledge of JSPs and Servlets.


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Practice coding. Talking about problems and giving solutions theoretically is easy. However, the depth of the problem can be realised only when we try to implement our approach. While coding, you will be able to learn about the language limitations and design well. Therefore, more you practise coding, better will be your performance.

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You are not only Java developer. There are many who are working on the same technology. When you are dealing with a simple proof of concept on a structure, you may not face many challenges. While you are working on a real project, strange issue may arise and there will be no solutions for them in the official documentation. So, what’s the solution for this problem of yours?

Before you start working on a new technology, you may subscribe to a relevant technology forum. No matter what issue you encounter, some other Java developer round the globe may have experienced a similar problem and he or she knows the solution.

Another advantage of subscribing to technology forums is you can also fulfil the queries of other forum members.

There is no dearth of technically-savvy people. Many of them maintain blogs featuring various perspectives of the same technology. You can find both the plus and minus points of a particular technology. What you need to do is to follow the blogs that highlight the good sides. If you feel like, you can give comments on posts. Do not hesitate to post your opinion.

You will be hailed as a proficient developer only when you know how to use a framework.  In order to be an outstanding Java developer, you need to be well-versed in the source code of different popular frameworks. You can view the internal working mechanism of the framework.

There is no permanent trend in the open source software development technology. In such situation, the best thing is to stay updated with the changing trends so that you can solve problems easily.

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