Ways to encourage your child to learn music instrument

Ways to encourage your child to learn music instrument

As parents you want your child not to limit him/herself to just studies. Music is also an important part which every child needs to learn about. Music has several benefits to any individual like – self discipline and focus. If you want your child to take music lessons or learn any music instrument, you can encourage him/her in the following ways:

  • You need to start with simple musical instruments. This is more applicable if you have preschool aged child. Some of the easy to make musical instruments are:

round carton for small drums

paper plate for bells and tambourine

milk carton for horn


  • Play these instruments yourself to develop curiosity within your child. You can play a CD of the same music to increase the effect.


  • Look for toy musical instruments like small electrical keyboards. You can get these in the children toy stores. Through these instruments, you expose your child to music and also give them a fun time. During your play time with your child, try to play these instruments yourself to further develop your child’s interest towards music.


  • Visit music Irish traditional music concerts and stage shows with your child. In this way, your child will develop curiosity towards music. Your child will learn how fun can it be to play  a musical instrument. He/she can learn the variety of music instruments and get an idea of how different instruments can be blend together to produce a different music.



  • In case you have local bands playing in the neightborhood community hall, take your child there. If there is any musical performance organized in the school, you can take your child there too. Try to point out the different aspects of music instruments.
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Note: the whole idea of taking your child to different music shows is to develop their interest. Remember that music is something you cannot force your child for. You need to make your child understand the value and benefits of music learning.


If you wonder how you can make innovative music instruments at home, here are few tips on that. Take a look:


  • Take several glasses and fill them with water. Take a steel tablespoon and ask your child to gently hit on the glasses. Ask your child to create a different music with the water filled glasses.


  • Take a paper towel roll and make holes in it. Take a wax paper to cover one of the ends of paper roll. Your child can blow into the paper towel and create different sounds. He/she can put fingers in the holes and create different music.
  • Take an oatmeal box. Now make holes in the bottom of the box. You can take a yarn and tie the oatmeal boxes together. Hang the drums around his/her neck and give spoons to play on these drums. Your child will love to have his/her own music instrument.


  • For the tambourine, you can take two paper plates and staple them together. Make holes along the sides of the paper plates. Tie the paper plates together with a yarn. You can attach small bells to these plates.
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