Importance of Chemical Pump in Different Industries as Discussed by Professionals

Chemical pumps are virtually used in all manufacturing industries these days. Although there are other pumps that can take place such tools, they still maintain unquestionable importance and provide heaps of benefits to different industries.

Importance of chemical pump in different industries

A chemical pump is specifically designed for use in pumping chemicals. It is resistant to corrosive materials, which allows it to handle corrosive and abrasive industrial liquids, which can easily damage ordinary pumps. This separates a chemical pump from other types of industrial pumps. Unlike other industrial pumps, a chemical pump can endure corrosion resulting from industrial liquids, which makes it perfect for pumping and disposing almost any type of industrial chemicals and fluids. In addition, a chemical pump may also be any type of pump that can handle corrosive and abrasive chemicals or liquids, depending on its application and use. Some pumps are designed to handle minor and less corrosive chemicals including oils and cosmetic materials and products. Meanwhile, other pumps are designed to handle hazardous and volatile liquids and chemicals, which would require careful handling and safekeeping under regulated control and specific conditions.

Chemical pumps are widely used in industries that deal with gaseous or liquid elements. Basically, a chemical pump is essential in transferring gas- and liquid-based elements through piping systems. Through chemical or physical force, the pump can easily eject or dispose gaseous elements, and liquids like oil and water through piping systems, making it very convenient to do without having to deal with possibly hazardous materials and elements.

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Industrial professionals speak about chemical pump

Chemical pumps are widely used in different industries since any type of industrial pump can be used as such. Different industries from almost all of the countries take advantage of this pump because of its reliability and versatility. Below are some of the responses of several people from different countries when asked about where they use chemical pumps.

·         “Chemical injection in crude oil and water processing.” – An oil facility maintenance coordinator from Canada

·         “Waste water, irrigation, chemical paint industries construction, other slurrys.” – A marketing and sales practitioner from India

·         “Acids, caustics, chemical injection, reactor circulation, and blending.” – An engineering consultant from Hungary

·         “The applications are mainly in the area of Fluidic Chips, and the continuous micro reaction technology in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Nearly all institutes and companies in the middle Europe that are working with micro reaction technology are using pumps.” – A design engineer from Germany

·         “Ammonium carbamate pumps for reactor feeding, hexane pumps, sodium hypochlorite transfer and dosing, ammonia solution, urea pumps, etc.” – An engineering consultant from Romania

·         “High pressure gas and liquids.” – A research and development personnel from United States

·         “Pumping thermo oil and glycols at energy saving projects.” – An engineering consultant from Hungary

Qualities of a good chemical pump

A good and reliable chemical pump should have set of qualities, including:


The pump should have a repetitive accuracy of +/- 1% over a 10:1 turnaround ratio or close to this for it to have better and more reliable accuracy.

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The pump should withstand wear and tear from industrial use. It should have durable parts. Its bearings and shafts must be easily lubricated even after years of service. It is a also a plus if its precision is made of bronze.

Low upkeep

The pump should be able to withstand years of heavy use. A heavy duty industrial grade pump should have standard industrial 56 frame motors as well as worm gear reducers in order to perfectly produce strong and dependable pumping power. It should also have rugged aluminum gear box and pump body castings to endure years of heavy use.