Northern Fashion Classics – Casual Minimalism

The capital of beautiful blond sirens, also known as the Nordic capital of fashion, Copenhagen, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world known for its minimalistic architecture.  This minimalistic style also resonates with most of the Scandinavian designs, including clothing. Danish fashion is known for its simple lines, block colors, and eco-friendly materials, and can be best described as classical, futuristic, or sometimes rock chic. Fashion is raw and it radiates confidence, providing a clean look. It makes you think of modernized Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, and Bridget Bardot. What is great about it is that it is quite timeless, so it’s definitely worth investing in even if the clothes have above average price tags. To achieve this look there are a few items to consider.

Black Leather Jacket

A black leather jacket is usually a good idea and it’s also a very practical one as it fits with most clothing. Biker jackets are coolest as they are casual, but more classical cuts are easier to combine with most clothing. Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish weather is unpredictable so a jacket is a must at all times, unless of course it’s snowing outside.

Black Leather Biker Jacket by Velour


White Shirt

A white shirt may sound formal, but it is also a classical piece of clothing that truly never gets old.  To avoid looking like a secretary, we should wear the shirt with blue jeans or get one that has motives á la Paul Smith on the collar. Usually a slim fit cut adds a feminine touch to this fairly masculine garment.

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White Shirt with Flower Pattern by Felinan

Blue Jeans

Alright, I admit this is an easy one and maybe not so Scandinavian even; but the truth is everybody wears jeans. The women of the North are known to be quite dominant and equal to men in their society, which means many of them literally and implicitly ‘wear the pants’. Truthfully, jeans are easy to wear with sneaks and heels, so there is nothing not to love about them.

Gia Skinny Jean – Merton by Hudson Jeans

Tote Bag

What would any girl be without her bag? Similarly to the rest of the outfit, the bag must be simple and preferably made of leather. Dependent on your lifestyle, this can be a tote bag or a regular laptop bag of course, but make sure to go with black, to match the leather jacket.

Jeans Tote by Versace


Usually high heels aren’t comfortable unless they have a great cut and steady support.  Especially Danes, living in Copenhagen, bike a whole lot. They also bike in high heels and obviously wedges are the most comfortable choice because they provide great balance and height. Most Scandinavians own a pair of these shoes though, regardless of their biking habits.

Blush Wedge by Finsk