How to Follow Chic Summer Trends for 2013

The spring and summer fashion trends for 2013 are bold, colourful, and vibrant. Check a few of the do’s and don’ts in the line of cosmetics, colours, clothes, and shoes!



To get in the spring of things for 2013, the hot makeup trends of this year swing to both sides of the pendulum: bold and nude. During these sunny spring and summer days, go nude with your make up and let your natural beauty shine through with natural colours from your make up palette. Use pink lip stick, a touch of shimmer, and either coloured or black lash-building mascara. Long eye lashes are back with a bag this season so don’t be afraid to go big on it. Hello Gorgeous bare minerals is a great place to find skin coloured concealers, blushes, and shimmers. The bare minerals starter kit is also stocked full of natural skin toned makeup that is guaranteed to give you a flawless finish.

For 2013 evening make up, go all out on neon coloured shadows like pink, green, and yellow as well as shimmering colour shadows like gold, silver, and bronze. Coloured mascaras are also a huge highlight this season. Just remember to match them with the rest of your makeup. And always follow the rule of thumb, if you are going heavy on the eyes, go nude on the lips. If you are nude on the eyes, go heavy on the lips.



This years colours are bold and blocked. As the old saying goes “go bold, or go home”. Bright oranges, reds, purples, greens, and blues are back in fashion—just this time all at the same time. There is a lot of taste required when matching these colours, but take extra care to make a fashion statement when mixing your palette so that it doesn’t turn into a fashion flop. Oh, and did we mention, neon cloth is also back in fashion! So those of us who missed the shiny clothes era can now rejoice! Oriental and fluorescent colours and hues are also back with a bang.

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Fitting pencil skirts matched with oversized formal white shirts and extremely chic and feminine handbags are now back in style. The bigger sack-like hand bag fashion is out, and today’s bags are instead about lean and ladylike—just like Kate Middleton. Strong coloured lines are in fashion and look best on pants this year. Black-and-white checks are also big news this season, and the bigger and bolder the motif, the better. Fitting jackets are also a winner. Pencil skirts that are fitted to size with a long slit up the side, an Angelina Jolie inspired trend, are one of the hottest things on the runway this year, because now it’s is fashionable to show a bit of leg. Ruffles and frills in full array are also in fashion. With this, think flamenco, but just with matched with this years colours instead!

At the same time, minimalism is to be respected as a part of this year’s clothing trends as well. Follow the code of “all or nothing at all”. Chic ladylike dresses and feminine skirts in nude colours can be pulled off just as well as a part of this year’s fashion trends.



High-ankle-busting stilettos seem to be out this year as low heels take the floor in many different colours and styles. Low heeled, pointy toe shoes are really the best thing on the block for this year’s themed ladylike statement.

As a last note, don’t forget in all fashion wear to follow your body type and skin tone. Use the cuts of clothing that will flatter your figure, not just what is the latest trend. Following trends is great, but don’t be afraid to make some of your own as well. Who you really are and what you really feel is more important to the world than showcasing someone else’s idea of fashion and feelings.

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By Ale Rossi