Small Business Management: Mobile Applications for Finances

First it was the computer that enabled people to do things sitting in their houses or offices instead of roaming around doing those, now it is the mobile applications which let people do everything, well almost. If a social life or endless entertainment is possible through smart phones now, then why not using financial tools for a small business? Following is a list of the best five mobile applications till date that help out for doing finances for small businesses.


Mobile App for Finances: Expensify

To use this application, the user has to open an account. This app helps to take a picture of any receipt and turns it into an expense report which minimizes the risks of losing any paper receipts ever. Each document transformation takes $5 per person. If no such document is made, there are no needs to pay anything.


Mobile App for Finances: Square

This iPhone application is developed by Apple to ease the credit card payments even if you are out of office. It enables the phone to accept credit card swipes just like the machines to get the bills paid. For iPhone user small business owners, this is a cash counter on the move which helps them to operate everything without really missing anything!


Mobile App for Finances: FreshBooks

This application, FreshBooks helps small business owners to create, receive or archive the invoices for their business transactions. Keeping the invoices organized is also the task that can be turned into a mess; FreshBooks even takes care of that.

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Mobile App for Finances: InDinero

To run a small business, often singlehandedly, the owner has to pay attention to every single detail and expenses done. For any normal human being without any super-natural abilities, maintaining all that without fumbling is an impossible task. InDinero, the application, helps to keep things organized. It jots down all the information of the owner from his/her credit cards, accounts and depending on those, makes forecasts about the financial condition to come along for them. Such extensive records can help the owner to have things more under-control and to see if any personal or irrelevant transactions are getting mixed up with business ones or not.


Mobile App for Finances: Chargify

Especially for the online based small businesses, this application, Chargify, can be a greatly helpful and handy tool. For websites using Web 2.0 or SaaS, this app helps to form automated billing options, without bothering to create any separate billing software. Chargify actually takes care of all the finances of a small business including promotions, refunds, trials and all the other receipts which helps the owner later to look at and decide how to move forward. The information of customers is also guaranteed to be secured by the application. Once the app has managed 500 customers for a user, the charges of using it soars up, which might be a smart investment considering the amazing profit it can bring in.