Choosing doors and windows for your home

Windows and doors can be one of the most prominent, important, and often overlooked features of the home. When designing a new home or renovating your current one, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the aesthetics of the property and forget about the function. Yet from visual appeal to light and warmth, windows and doors are vital when it comes to many aspects of your property. Here are some tips for choosing the best windows and doors for your home.


Although at first glance many doors and windows may seem similar, subtle differences can dramatically alter the appearance and value of a house. Many modern properties are now attempting to replicate the Victorian and Georgian style of houses, but the most important thing to ensure is that your features match the rest of the property. Unification of windows, doors, roofs and frames is much more important than just choosing your favourite individual pieces. Much of a property’s appeal comes from complementing features. So, for example, if your property already has sash windows it is worth maintaining this style around the rest of your house to prevent a disjointed feel.

Something else to consider is the recess, or how far back the window is set. A window further back will have a more traditional aesthetic as well as giving increased protection from the elements.

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uPVC may be one of the most popular window materials available but it is not necessarily the best. Wooden frames are another option, and although timber may be initially more expensive it adds more value to the house and allows for a better return on investment.

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If you are taking environmental impact into consideration, it is worth noting that the quality of the timber can vary drastically, but many manufacturers obtain timber from sustainable sources. As such they will use engineered, knot-free timber which will increase the durability of the window as well as meet environmental standards.

Energy efficiency

Heat loss can have a dramatic impact on fuel bills, making energy efficiency an important factor when it comes to choosing windows and doors. Heat can escape through improperly fitted windows, but as well as this it is also necessary to consider the type of glass used.

Many companies now offer “intelligent glass” installations. Glass is generally a poor insulator but tinted insulating glass converts solar energy into infrared radiation and reflects it back outside. This means the house does not suffer from the ‘greenhouse effect’ that traditional glass encourages in the summer months.

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Finishing touches

So you have chosen the type and material of your windows and doors and made sure they are as energy efficient as possible. The next step is the finishing touches that will really bring the property to life. Choose a paint job that fits well with the rest of the house, and pay attention to the furnishings. Traditional style doors may suit brass finishes, whereas contemporary doors may be better fitted with chrome finishings.

By paying attention to these details you can ensure the doors and windows on your property will be energy efficient, visually appealing, and long-lasting.

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