Top 5 Reasons For Reducing Your Breast Size

Top 5 Reasons For Reducing Your Breast Size

Society usually gives the impression that bigger breasts are wonderful. However, for the women who have large bust lines, this may not be the case. Having large breasts may cause certain limitations and other problems. Here is a look at five reasons why a woman may wish to reduce her breast size.

1. Relieve Back Pain.

Many times, large breasts can lead to constant lower back pain. This is a result of excess weight carried on the chest. Even though back pain can be caused by various reasons, most women with big breasts will suffer this affliction. Breast reduction surgery has proven beneficial in these instances. As soon as breast size is reduced, the pain stops.

2. Problems with Breathing.

When a woman has large breasts, they can place great pressure on the chest and ribs. If slouching occurs with this problem, it can cause breathing difficulties. This places great pressure on the diaphragm. Reducing breast size along with practicing better posture may correct the problem.

3. Low Self Esteem.

Women with large breasts may be overly self-conscious about appearance, especially when the chest is very out of proportion. Large breasts also prevent women from wearing certain types of clothing. Having breast reduction surgery will correct the figure and raise self-esteem. When a woman is confident in her appearance, mood will definitely be heightened as well.

4. Hampered Activity.

Large breasts can keep a woman from participating in certain activities. They can prohibit proper mobility. The extreme weight often keeps a woman from exercising. In the end, this can cause weight gain. Gaining weight can worsen the problem and lead to others.

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5. Rash or Disfigurement.

When a woman has large breasts, they usually rub and cause a lot of skin contact. Heat rashes often occur underneath, even when a woman wears a bra. Bra strap grooves also tend to develop. Heavy breasts put great strain on the undergarment. Even when a woman uses a wide strapped bra, bra strap grooves occur on the shoulders. This can lead to permanent disfigurement.

It is always a personal decision for a woman to undergo breast reduction surgery. There are some risks to consider. However, when the positives outweigh the negatives, it can be a good choice. It is vital to consult a doctor before making a final decision. In the end, breast reduction surgery may be able to raise self-esteem and alleviate pain.

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