5 Great Designs for Garden Studio

The increase in popularity in garden studios has been on the rise over the last few years. The need for an area for one to perform their daily tasks in the comfort of their own surroundings has never been more apparent than in contemporary society.

So you need that extra space, but do not have sufficient room in your home? This is where the beauty of garden rooms can assist.

Firstly there are three main factors to look at when deciding on the garden studio design.

1)      Set yourself a budget to work with.

2)      Choose your width.

3)      Choose your depth.

Once you have decided on this you can plan your garden room design and usage for your new project.


The Garden Office

Perhaps the most popular usage for garden rooms is the garden office. What with the rise of people nowadays working from home and the requirements to be able to fulfil ones daily working routine for their chosen profession. Incorporate your garden room office with all the equipment you need whether it be phone and internet lines, computers, fax machines and office furniture. The garden office can be your workplace from home the whole year round.


The Garden Gym

Need to go to the gym but have not the time due to a busy work schedule? Then why not invest in a garden room gym. Staying healthy is an important aspect in one’s life both physically & mentally but if due to various commitments it is just not possible to attend the gym on a regular basis then the garden gym can help eradicate this problem leaving you time to exercise in the comfort of your own home.

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garden studio
By THOR under CC BY 2.0


The Music Garden Studio

If music is your passion but noise within your property a problem with neighbours and fellow household members then why not set up a music garden studio.

Whether it be for acoustic/band practice or music production you can be assured that the music garden studio will provide you with the comfort that you will not annoy or interrupt anybody else whilst you get creative with your musical enjoyment. Also why rent studio time when you can have your own studio at home.


The Children`s Garden  Studio

So the kids a having friends around for a party, rather than letting them loose throughout the house breaking valuable household belongings let them show off to their friends that they have their own place to play in the house. Set it up with game consoles, televisions, a snooker table and whatever else they love to play with.

The benefit with this is the house always stays how you want it, the noise is minimal and that you the parent know they are only a few steps away at all times. Furthermore the grownups can venture down there when the kids are out or asleep to relive their youth.


The Dining Garden Studio

If you like entertaining why not create your very own dining studio in the garden for them long summer nights. You to could be in the garden preparing dinner whilst joining in with the conversation with friends and family and have the satisfaction of constantly being involved with proceedings.

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Why not kit out the studio with all the mod cons you require from hobs, ovens, and a dining table and chairs. This will enable you to provide a wonderful dining experience for your guests whatever the weather at any time of the year. Also for the late night dinner parties when the children are asleep upstairs in bed.

All of these garden rooms can be constructed with minimal time and fuss to suit each individual requirement.