Tips For Gutter Guard & Cover Comparison

There are so many good things that come from owning your own home. Unfortunately, not all of the tasks related to home ownership are as enjoyable. A good example of this is cleaning the gutters.

No doubt you have seen people, or maybe you are a person, who every single year will take out their ladder, climb up the gutter, and clean out all of the leaves, sticks, and other bits of debris that have collected in the gutters over the year. Without a doubt, every time you climb down the ladder, you tell yourself that this will be the last year you clean your gutters like this.

Maybe you are considering purchasing a gutter guard. However, you may have some questions as to how they work, and if they work. You probably are interested in finding the best gutter protection system.The following is a list of the different styles of gutter guards that exist. Each style has its benefits and drawbacks. More information about gutter guards:

Different Types of Gutter Guards

gutter guards
By Ron Sombilon under CC BY-ND 2.0

Gutter guards can be divided into different categories.

Curve gutter guard

The first type is the reversed curve gutter guard. The basic idea behind this gutter is that it is made in such a way to encourage water to fall into the gutter by passing through a little slit that is in the guard. Leaves and other debris then are forced to fall to the ground. This type of gutter guard is effective in many cases. However, at times debris can be caught in the slit were water passes and this can render the guard ineffective.

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Mesh guard

A second type of gutter guard is a mesh guard. The basic idea with mesh guards is that they are a sheet that has a bunch of holes in them. This sheet is attached to the gutter and then to the shingles. These small holes allow water to filter, but debris is not allowed to enter into the gutter. This type of gutter guard has the benefit of all but guaranteeing that debris does not get into your gutters. However, the downside of this type of gutter guard is that the holes in the mesh could be clogged. This would minimize the effectiveness of this gutter guard.

Nylon gutter guards

A third type of gutter guard that works well, especially during the winter time, is nylon gutter guards. These guards work well because they are effective at preventing an accumulation of snow and ice. Additionally, these guards can be attached directly to your gutters, without having to attach them to your shingles. For many individuals, this is a plus when it comes to using these guards.

Non-gutter covers

Additional types of gutter guards include non-gutter covers, foam type guards, and bottle brush guards. Every single one of these has their positive and their negative aspects. Information regarding gutter guards and other product can be found out easily from internet.
While gutter guards cannot provide a 100% foolproof protection from every single piece of debris that falls in your gutter, it will drastically reduce the amount of debris that falls in there. This means that the amount of times that you will have to clean your gutters will be reduced drastically.

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