What to Do When Your Air Conditioning System Fails

What to Do When Your Air Conditioning System Fails

The summer will be here before you know it, and that means you’ll be turning on your air conditioning system. This is a frustrating time of year for many people because their air conditioning system fails. Not only does this mean they have to withstand high temperatures, but they also have to deal with the expense of repairs and replacement parts. Knowing what to do if your air conditioning system fails can help you lessen the frustrations that come along with it, and save you money.

Turn It Off

If you turn your air conditioning system on and it doesn’t work, don’t leave it on. There may be some parts of the unit that are on, and you can cause damage to them, if the entire unit isn’t functioning.

Turn the system off when it fails while it’s running as well. For example, if it’s working, but all of sudden the air turns warm, don’t let it continue to run. This can burn out the compressor and damage other critical part of the unit, which could lead to significant repair costs.

Reset the Breaker

A unit that won’t start at all may have triggered the breaker. To save money in calling a service man, reset the breaker for the unit. You can do this simply by flipping off the switch dedicated to the unit, and then flipping it back on. Go to your air conditioning system controller and turn it back on again. If the breaker was triggered, the unit should start up and function normally. If it doesn’t start running, turn it off and call a professional.

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Remove Debris from Unit

Many times, debris can cause the unit to stop functioning. Be sure that the system is turned off and the breaker is turned to off to avoid injury. Inspect the air conditioning system and remove all debris from it. If you’re able to remove the cover, do so carefully to see if there is debris inside that can be removed. Once the unit has been cleared of everything that could be causing interference, replace the cover, turn the breaker on, and then unit back on. If the air conditioning system does not turn on or blows warm air, call a professional.

When It’s Time to Call a Service Person

No one wants to call someone for air conditioning system repair because of the cost. However, if you try to repair the unit on your own, you may end up doing more damage to it, which would then cost more money to fix. It’s best to allow a professional handle the inspection and repair, so you only have to pay for what the unit broke from wear and tear.

Before you call someone, consider researching the company first. Every company has its own rates, and that means with a little searching you can find one that provides the exceptional service you expect for a price that doesn’t bust your budget.

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Anders Timberson

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