What Does a Nurse?

In recent times, one of the most popular professions, certainly, has become the humble nurse.

Real heroes of our times, right arm of the doctor and people of great heart. Children love to play them and they often appear on the big screen; we have quickly learned to love and admire them – but alas, do we really know what it is a nurse?

Typical Day of a Nurse

Being a nurse is not only about being a care giver, it is far more than that. Often, nurses are responsible for “first response” first aid, which may be the difference between life and death.

The “day” periodically becomes the “night”: nursing is primarily shift based, and this is a fact that you cannot escape. It is not uncommon for a nurse to work twelve, thirteen or even fourteen hour shifts! To add to that, at night there is normally less staff on the ward, but the nurse must always be prepared to take action and deal with any situation. Also, we cannot overlook the fact that a nurse might have to work any single day of the ‘year:  and yes, there are those, unfortunately, who are hospitalized on the 25th of December.

First Contact with Patients

A nurse is the first point of contact of any patient who arrives on the ward, it is the nurse who is tasked with being the immediate caregiver, renouncing any fears or anxieties that patients may be facing – a talent in its self. The nurse you could argue is just as important as a Doctor.

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Let’s not forget, that often the most difficult part of the job is the humanitarian aspect, they have to be sweet, yet firm. Of course, nurses have to touch patients physically, and let’s face it – it’s not always so easy!

Being a nurse also serves a good deal of detachment; the nurse cannot get emotionally or personally involved with any individual – within their professional capacity of course, they are not indoctrinated to life of loneliness. Most individuals working within this arena admit that they must be immune to everything: insults, bizarre requests, and blood curdling sights.

Activities of a Nurse: What do they do?

The tasks are many: administrator, as well as the administration. Nurses often keep patient records up to date and oversee patching punctures, informing patients about therapies as well as explaining what they are being given – and why. The problem is that the day’s work never seems to end!

The best thing about a nurse is that they carry out all of this work with passion, and for many being a nurse is a true calling.

It takes a lot to be a nurse; everyone should take the time to thank them for the dedication that they put in.