Winter Orangeries

With the recent heavy snowfall and the promises of continued cold weather you might not be thinking that this is the time to be buying an orangery or a conservatory, but you could be very wrong. Perhaps you should be leaning more toward an orangery than a conservatory if you are looking to extend your home, orangeries are less glass and more stone or wood building like an actual extension, so they become a part of your home easier and they can be much easier to insulate, so you don’t have to worry about the cold weather at all.


Besides the fact it will make your room larger without you needing to sacrifice any of your warmth or comfort you may be wondering whether you actually should be purchasing an orangery at this time of year; let’s say you get it and the snow continues – the snow is beautiful and white and makes your entire garden look like something in a dream. It would be nice to ensure those sorts of surroundings without having to wrap up in several of your warmest and fuzziest jackets and throwing yourself out into the wind; it just isn’t as enjoyable. However in a cosy glass room that allows you to immerse yourself in the surroundings without any of the bad points included, name one reason not to buy it.


Getting an orangery in winter (particularly later winter or earlier spring) means that you have several months to use the room how you want, decorate it and make it feel like yours before the summer hits. You basically give yourself a good few months to prepare your nice summer room where you will no doubt be looking to enjoy the summer views and the appearance of your garden in full bloom. With a set of table and chairs this could be the most peaceful and comfortable feeling dining room you’ve ever had the chance to eat in. It also makes a perfect breakfast room, given that the time of the sun rising this time of year matches the approximate time of the majority of couples and families getting up and eating breakfast.

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With the use of UPVC and double glazing your fears about heat loss are truly misguided, the fact of the matter is that your orangery could end up becoming the most heat efficient room of your house, turn it into a study or a TV room and you might find yourself spending a lot of time there, saving you on the cost of heating the rest of the house. It makes a fantastic study in the winter, with the snowfall providing a peaceful backdrop on your activities and presenting a much more relaxed feel. In fact it is shown that those who spend time in a conservatory or orangery every day are less stressed and calm down faster, which could have a great impact on your work.


As if further reasons to install an orangery this winter were needed it will also add to the value of your home, should you ever decide to rent or sell your home. You could think of it as an investment, albeit a very enjoyable one.