11 Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing The Jewellery You Will Wear

Having a wide collection of jewellery items can be of little use, if you are not aware of the right jewellery-selection guidelines. In what follows, we take you through eleven mistakes that you need to steer clear of, while putting on silver jewellery and fashion jewellery for a party.


Planning to attend a lively social gathering? Sophisticated jewellery pieces should feature foremost, in the list of accessories you should put on. Make sure that you do not make the following mistakes, while selecting fashion jewellery items for yourself:

1.  Don’t put on too much jewellery – A new bride can look resplendent in heavy silver jewellery and fashion jewellery – but if you don too much of such glittering pieces, you might look just a tad out of place. Keep things stylish and laid-back, by putting on a necklace, matching earrings, and rings. If the party stretches till late night, avoid wearing too much of precious jewellery. It might not be safe!

2. Don’t mix and match too much – Do not go for a combination of traditionally designed jewellery, and the more sophisticated varieties. For example, a heavy silver necklace will hardly go well with small ear-studs, and an eyebrow-ring. Stick to either conventional or experimental jewellery pieces – depending upon your preferences, and the nature of the occasion.

3. Don’t wear such jewellery that won’t match your dress – If you wish to don an off-shoulder party gown, a pearl necklace would go very well with it. On the other hand, if ethnic dresses (like salwar suits, sarees, etc.) are your choice, go for heavier silver jewellery and fashion jewellery. The jewellery should complement the dress that you have put on.

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4. Don’t put on damaged/defective jewellery – The clasp of your favorite necklace has become loose? Avoid wearing it at a bustling party, and look for alternative options. It might slip off, without your being aware of it. Putting on damaged jewellery pieces would also require you to stay alert about them all the time – robbing the sheer enjoyments of the gathering from you.

5.  Don’t ignore outfit suggestions – Many portals for womens fashion online also offer handy outfit suggestions. They will give you a clear idea of the type of jewellery that should be worn with a particular dress. Match your jewellery with your apparel, and give your overall appeal a significant boost!

6.  Don’t ignore your physical features – If your height is nothing to write home about, avoid putting on those long ear-danglers. For ladies with a fuller figure, wide bracelets/anklets are ideal. In general, select earrings according to the shape of your face – and other jewellery pieces according to your build. Your physical attributes should play an important role in your choice of jewellery.

7.  Don’t repeat the same jewellery for too many consecutive parties – You, like most other members of the fairer sex, probably have certain favorite pieces of jewellery, right? Wearing them at each and every party you attend would, however, be a folly. Remember – in the world of jewellery fashion, having a signature style works, being repetitive does not!

8. Don’t wear substandard jewellery to a classy party – Imagine this: all the other ladies are walking about in sparkling, authentic silver jewellery and fashion jewellery, while your imitation pieces are looking rather dull. Not a pleasant picture, right? Dress according to the occasion, find out the type of jewellery that the other ladies would be wearing (if possible), and follow suit.

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9.  Don’t buy jewellery online from any website – Check the jewellery collections available at three to five fashion online shopping websites. Buy from the one that offers trendy items that meet your tastes and style preferences. Keep an eye out for discount offers and payment security options too.

10.  Make sure that the jewellery does not get stained – While having food, take off your finger-ring(s) and put them in your clutch bag. Be careful while eating and drinking too, to avoid accidental spillages on your valuable jewellery. If you wish to wear silver jewellery at the party, make sure it is not already tarnished.

11.  Don’t blindly follow fashion fads – Chokers are in – but you do not really fancy them. Do not wear chokers, simply because most of the other lady-guests will be wearing it too. Select jewellery according to your own preferences. If you don’t like a particular type of jewellery, you will not be able to carry it off well.


Check any good online shopping website, to get an idea of the silver jewellery and fashion jewellery that would go best with different types of womens clothing and other accessories. Never lend your jewellery to anyone, unless you know that person really well. Avoid committing the above mistakes, and appear at your dazzling best!