Chakra Jewelry Basics

Chakra jewelry – such as pendants, necklaces, and bracelets made of gemstones – can help balance your body’s energy centers, which in turn promotes physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Our bodies contain seven energy centers or chakras, and each corresponds with its own color, symbol, and gemstone.

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra, commonly referred to as Muladhara or base chakra, sits at the base of your spine. This foundational energy center helps us feel grounded and secure within ourselves and life itself. A balanced Root Chakra allows for a positive experience both physically and spiritually.

Blockages to your fourth chakra can make it hard for you to trust yourself or others in life, leading to feelings of insecurity and fear. This may have an impact on how you relate to other people, how much giving and receiving you do within society, as well as your interactions with nature and its elements.

Living within this chakra can be challenging due to its importance in our survival, but when open and strong it can also be highly rewarding. When functioning well it encourages us to connect deeply with ourselves, the earth and divine guidance.

There are various methods available to you for balancing and activating your root chakra, including yoga and meditation.

Massages can also help the body relax and release any negative energy that has collected in its chakras, so incorporating warm oil self-massage sessions may prove especially effective in clearing these energy centres of any negative energies.

An excellent way to strengthen your root chakra is through earthing or walking barefoot on the earth’s surface, an activity which connects you with its energy field and grounds your body.

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra governs your emotions, sensitivities, sexuality and self-expression. Located two inches below your belly button, its importance can become imbalanced leading to physical and psychological illnesses.

An individual whose sacral chakra is out of balance may become susceptible to addictions, compulsive behaviors, emotional instability and reproductive problems (infertility, impotence or menstrual issues).

Serena Poon, a Reiki practitioner and nutritionist, suggests focusing your meditation practice around water as it represents fluidity in the sacral energy center. Furthermore, she asserts that playfulness can also play a part in spiritual healing.

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Journaling can also help heal your sacral chakra, by helping you release any negativity or blockages that are holding back from living the best possible life.

Eating foods rich in prana can also be extremely helpful in balancing the sacral chakra. Eating omega-3 rich foods, orange-colored vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots, as well as anti-inflammatory foods can all support this energy center.

Apart from using natural methods to heal your sacral chakra, crystals and gemstones associated with it may also help. Amber, coral and orange calcite crystals as well as citrine, aventurine carnelianite or hematite crystals may be particularly effective at clearing blocked energy and restoring balance to your sacral chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra, commonly referred to as Manipura Chakra, is the third energy center of our bodies. This energy center plays an essential role in shaping our personality, ego and identity as well as personal freedom, choice and authenticity – while also contributing significantly to sense of purpose, motivation, willpower and inner power.

This chakra is associated with yellow, which represents optimism and knowledge. When functioning optimally, individuals feel empowered and secure about their decisions and actions.

Blockage of this chakra may result in low self-esteem, feelings of helplessness and an inability to assert one’s unique purpose in life. People suffering from such blockage may develop victim mentality, overly rigid thinking patterns and an absence of compassion toward themselves and others.

To bring balance to this chakra, try yoga, meditation, or other wellness practices which stimulate the solar plexus area and strengthen your sense of purpose and personal power. Specific poses that can help realign this chakra include bow pose, boat pose, lion pose, mountain pose warrior pose seated spinal twist and many more!

For optimal solar plexus health, try wearing yellow gemstone beads such as citrine, amber, tigers eye, ametrine, golden rutilated quartz or honey opal beads to heal this chakra zone. These stones have powerful healing properties which will enhance confidence and boost feelings of power–making them the ideal additions to any chakra jewelry collection!

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Third Eye Chakra

Chakras are energy centers within your subtle body that channel prana or life force energy throughout your system. Beginning at the base of the spine and progressing up through to your crown chakra, chakras play an integral part in maintaining overall health and well-being.

The Third Eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra sits between your eyebrows, representing psychic abilities and intuition. When balanced, this chakra allows for clarity of vision, self-awareness and emotional wellbeing.

Attaining balance for this chakra requires wellness practices that help connect to your psyche – the inner world that houses your purpose and meaning in life. Blockage in this chakra may result in symptoms such as lack of spiritual awareness, overactive mind, disconnect with world around them, disconnection and loss of purpose.

If your Third Eye Chakra is blocked, try adding mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine to open up new ways of seeing and experiencing the world.

Add the colors indigo or purple to your diet, surround yourself with light-filled environments, and practice meditative techniques that bring awareness to this point between your brows. Third eye chakra essential oils may also support wellness and enlightenment.

Balance your Third Eye Chakra by harnessing its wisdom within you and trusting in its guidance, enabling you to see the world more clearly while making more informed decisions about how to proceed in life.

Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra, commonly referred to in Sanskrit as Sahasrara Chakra, is the highest energy center and associated with spiritual growth. It plays an essential role in providing insight, wisdom, and a sense of unity with nature and universe.

At the top of your head lies an energy center often referred to as “the bridge to the cosmos”, serving as an entryway into divine realms and controlling your connection to divinity, senses of inspiration and devotion as well as higher guidance.

Once your Crown Chakra is open and in harmony, you experience an intense connection with spirituality, infinite wisdom, and higher consciousness – the goal of any spiritual practice and an incredible feeling when accomplished! It truly makes life worthwhile.

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Meditation and visualizations are both excellent ways to open and activate this chakra, as is chanting the seed mantra (bija) associated with it – such as Om or Ah.

Meditation with crystals such as selenite, charoite, labradorite and amethyst can also help open your Crown Chakra. Violet flames may also help unclog any stagnant energy within it.

Yoga poses that stimulate the energy in this chakra include lotus pose or headstand. Journaling your dreams and visions may also help promote its flow.

Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra (Visuddha Chakra) is the fifth energy zone of your body and gives voice to all your true feelings and beliefs. When functioning at its full potential, you are free to express yourself freely.

However, when this chakra becomes blocked or unbalanced it can have adverse consequences for communication and self-expression, as well as your dental and throat health.

For unblocking or balancing the throat chakra, various techniques are available such as meditation, chanting, and yoga. Furthermore, it’s essential that smoking cessation and eating an unhealthy diet don’t hinder energy flow – these could all act as blockages to unblocking and balancing this chakra.

An additional technique for opening the throat chakra is using a bija mantra, which is an outloud sound reciting one syllable at a time. For this chakra, its bija mantra is “ham.”

If you want to use crystals to balance your throat chakra, look for stones with blue energy such as turquoise. Turquoise has properties associated with water that may help alleviate stress and alleviate negative emotions.

Journaling can also help heal your throat chakra. Expressing yourself in writing allows for emotional release and allows new insight to come through into your life.