Choosing Rugs for Your Fun Room Theme

If your child’s bedroom is looking a little bit dull, it could well be time to brighten it up and turn it into an energetic, multi-colored fun room. This can be done in a number of ways, but one of the easiest is to just buy a brightly colored rug, which will instantly transform the entire area.

There really is nothing quite like a radiant, brightly patterned rugs to liven up any playroom, as well as to make it more comfortable and stimulating for a young child who always wants to play.

However, before you purchase that new playroom rug, there are a few things that you really should consider, and below we will look at a few of them.



A playroom carpet is going to take a lot of punishment, so it needs to well made and manufactured from tough hardwearing materials. These days most kids rugs are made from acrylic and have a certain amount of either latex or polypropylene to give them the tough and easy to clean properties. So, before you part with your hard earned cash for that new playroom rug, make sure it is made from a tough durable material that is going to be easy to clean.



There are many rugs that have games or activities incorporated into their designs. This can be in the form of racetracks to Chinese checkers or even hopscotch. Kids just love to have these kinds of stimulating designs, so when you are out looking for that perfect rug, make sure to check out some of the latest game themes.

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Choosing Rugs
By Hannes Grobe (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Before you buy a new rug for your child’s bedroom or playroom it is very important that you check the back for a non-slip surface. This is something that is very important; as if you just buy a regular rug there is a very high chance that it will spend a lot of time sliding around the bedroom. The kids may find this fun but it could be potentially hazardous, so make sure you buy a dedicated playroom rug with a high quality non-slip grip.



It is also important to make sure that the rug you are about to purchase for your kid’s bedroom or playroom is a low-pile. This means it will appear more clipped that a luxury deep pile carpet and will also be much easier to clean. As anyone with young children knows accidents are bound to happen so it is vital that a child’s rug is low-pile and very easy to clean.


Anti-Bacterial Rugs

There is a wide range of anti bacterial children’s rugs on the market, which are especially good if you have very young children. These anti-bacterial rugs can reduce odour as well as having less tendency to cause any reaction from a young child. It is always advisable to check a playroom rug before purchasing for a very young child to make sure that it is completely safe without any chemicals that could cause an allergic reaction.