How To Become A Parapsychologist

Parapsychology stands out as a scientific method used as application to study psychic phenomena. The work of the parapsychologist is complicated and includes using quantitative and qualitative methods that are utilized in order to examine psychic phenomena data within laboratory like, structured parameters.

There are various things that have to be understood about the work that is done by the parapsychologist. Studies are necessary and the phenomena that is assessed in the field of parapsychology includes telepathy, clairvoyance, out of body experience, precognition and many other psychic phenomena. There are some limited parapsychology opportunities that are available and you will need to go through studies in order to become a parapsychologist. You cannot avoid this.


Degree Programs

Some universities offer a graduate decree that has a parapsychology focus. An example is the Koestler Parapsychology Unit of the University Of Edinburgh. Various Ph.D. programs are available in areas like psychokinesis, parapsychology history, paranormal beliefs psychology and ESP. Make a list of the different universities that you can enroll in. There are programs in almost all countries of the world but the choices are always limited.

Research Programs

Many of the parapsychology opportunities for education lie in the research groups that are university based. The groups will not offer parapsychology degrees but they do offer some students the possibility of conducting such research. As an example, the University Of Virginia has a Division of Perceptual Studies. Interns can assist staff members to conduct research in near-death experiences.


Introductory courses for parapsychology are available for distance learning, together with other undergraduate opportunities. There are also some on-campus courses you can take advantage of. You will want to consider the Derby University and the Edinburgh University as examples of such courses, with introductory certificates in academic parapsychology, parapsychology history and psychic phenomena knowledge, among others.

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There are not many options that are available for those interested in becoming a parapsychologist. However, it is easy to start your education if you are aware of the opportunities that are available. You need to learn all that you can about the options that are presented for education purposes and you need to do all that you can in order to choose something that is suitable. Remember the fact that you will need practice and a lot of education. Much knowledge is needed as a parapsychologist and there is no reason why you should not consider learning as much as you can on the long run.