On Vacation And Forgot To Turn Down Your Air Conditioning?

On Vacation And Forgot To Turn Down Your Air Conditioning?

On Vacation And Forgot To Turn Down Your Air Conditioning

Did You Forget to Turn Down Your Air Conditioning?

If movies like Home Alone aren’t enough to make you double and triple check your home before leaving on vacation, then perhaps stories of high energy bills after a month of air conditioning a home with no one in it? It happens to everyone. You forget to turn off the light, the automatic coffee maker has been making three cups a day since the day you left and it’s colder than the North Pole when you get home. There’s some good news for those who forget the basics before leaving on vacation. New smartphone apps and cloud programs have descended upon the American homeowner with convenient remote home automation devices. while it may sound like something out of a robot movie, it’s actually something that many homeowners have installed to make sure they don’t ever forget to turn off the coffee maker again.

The Basics of Home Automation

In recent years, home automation devices have grown in popularity thanks to smartphones and tablets. Household activities can be automated with a simple press of a button. Things like lighting, air conditioning and heating, appliances and other devices can all be controlled remotely in effort to make things more convenient or just to turn off your alarm clock while on vacation so your roommate doesn’t smash it before you get home. Home automation is particularly important for those who have difficult with tasks due to medical conditions or arthritis. Senior citizens often have a few home automated devices to improve the quality of their lives. While many of these devices used to be quite expensive, the development of cloud software and smartphone technology has made it more accessible more than ever.

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Types of Home Automation

Most homeowners install simple home automation devices that link from a mobile app to an electrical device. If you forget to turn off the lights while in a rush to leave for work on time, you can always turn off the light from your office with your phone. Home entertainment systems, houseplant watering, yard maintenance, pet feeding, appliance control and more can all be automated using a computer or mobile network nowadays. It may sound like something out of science fiction, but it’s actually a common tool found all across America.

How Home Automation Works

Starting with home automation means installing a few devices and programs to connect your home to your computer, mobile phone or tablet. For example, you can buy a home automation package from companies like Vivint, who install electronic door locks, remote light control, air conditioning and heating adjustment, alarm system control and many more activities. These devices can now be controlled with a touch of a button through a mobile app or computer software on your office or home computer. It’s the easiest way to save money on energy while also securing your home with a smart future. Make sure you look into reviews for the companies you are interested in. For example search “Vivint Reviews” or what ever company you are interested in.

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