Home and Office Guide to the Ultimate Sweepers

Home and Office Guide to the Ultimate Sweepers

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Dust balls gather. Hair sticks to everything from wood floors to carpet. Dirt gets tracked in from outside. In other words, keeping your floors clean can be a daunting task, which makes having the right sweeper or vacuum all the more important.

However, what kind of space you’re living and working in makes a difference in what kind of sweeper you purchase and use to get your home clean in an efficient way. While smaller spaces may fare well with just a hand held or stick vacuum, larger spaces often require the cleaning power of industrial floor sweepers.

Other considerations when purchasing a sweeper or vacuum include how much power you need, making sure there’s good suction, and the appliance’s warranty.


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Smaller spaces often have narrows spaces and tight corners, making it extra difficult to get your place clean.

  • Cordless hand-helds are useful to reach tight corners and clean up small, messy areas.
  • Stick vacuums may be less powerful, but they come in either cordless or plug-in models. With their compact design, they’re also great if you have little storage space. Many models can clean both carpets and wood floors.
  • Compact vacuums (and canister vacuums) are typically lightweight, but often offer much more manpower than their stick sweeper counterparts.



Houses can be tricky areas to clean, especially if you have multiple floors and a variety of different surfaces. To alleviate buying multiple sweepers, consider sweeper and vacuum models that can switch between wood floors to hard wood (as long as they don’t have hard bristles), as well as vacuums that can adjust to the carpet’s height.

  • Robotic vacuums are perfect for a light cleaning of large spaces. To get the best results, be sure the floor is free of shoes and toys before letting the robot do its job.
  • Heavy-duty upright vacuums get a deep clean throughout your home. However, if you have multiple floors, opt for lighter vacuums that are easy to carry up and down stairs. Even so, lighter versions can still have wonderful suction power to get up dirt and debris.
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Wood Floors

Avoid scratching your beautiful wood floors by avoiding hard-bristle vacuums.

  • Dry mops may not be sweepers but they can get rid of dust while giving your floors a bit of a shine. For the best effect, run the mop along the grain of the wood.
  • Sweepvacs come in cordless and plug-in options, and are a great option — as long as your wood floors are sealed. Unlike dry mops, sweepvacs use cloths that are designed to pick up dirt and debris. Some vacs also have a steam option.


Houses With Pets

Dog and cat hair can get everywhere, which can easily wreak havoc on people with allergies.

  • HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuums not only clean your rugs but improve air quality in your home. It’s powerful suction, along with the filter, trap even the smallest dust mites as well as pet hair. Be sure to clean the filter out on a regular basis to ensure that your vacuum is working at its best capacity.


Large Offices

Not only do large offices have a ton of floor space, but they also have areas under desks and furniture that needs to be cleaned too.

  • Backpack vacuums often use HEPA filters to get a deep clean, but they’re lightweight enough to easily and efficiently navigate wide spaces.
  • Commercial vacuums are designed for expansive spaces, like offices and schools. Some considerations before purchasing should include the if the vacuum has a high power motor (around 12 amps), as well as the widest cleaning path available to you within the space. HEPA commercial vacuums are also available and advised, as this is the best way to keep the office both dust and allergy free.
  • Vacuums and industrial floor sweepers are specifically designed for offices, factories, and other large spaces. While the upfront cost may be high, these powerful vacuums last a long time, rarely require replacing equipment or parts, and are the most efficient of all vacuums.
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There may be a lot of different sweeper and vacuum options on the market, but this handy home and office guide will steer you in the right direction so you can efficiently and easily keep your floors and carpets clean.



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