What Do We Have to Know Before Buying a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaner sales are on the rise and there is a very good reason for it – they are effective, environmentally friendly and work without detergents, which makes them a sound financial investment. The high pressure steam they use is more than enough to clean all sorts of grime, filth, grease or any other dirt-based stains and substances without a problem. However, what do you need to consider in order to purchase the correct steam cleaner for your needs? There are a few factors that might influence your purchase.


Things to khow Before Buying a Steam Cleaner


steam cleaner
By Norio NAKAYAMA under CC BY-SA 2.0


Steam cleaners fall into one of three basic categories – handheld, mop or cylinder. Depending on what your needs are, you will have to choose between one of the three types. Handhelds are the most portable of the three and are the most easy to operate, perfect for cleaning windows, upholstery, bath tubs, kitchen sinks, overhead cabinets and smaller areas of your home. They are light and easy to carry  around but the downside is they store very little water and you will need to refill them frequently. If you’re planning on cleaning in long sessions, they will certainly break your momentum, but if you fancy using them for the aforementioned domestic regions, they will yield perfect results.

If the fruits of your labor require you to clean in longer episodes, cylinder steam cleaners are better suited for that purpose. With an intricate combination of bendy hoses  of varoius lengths and different attachments, they offer the widest variety of cleaning functions. They can hold much more water which means you will have refill them less often, but the downside is they are heavier and harder to carry around the house. However, they are more than capable of covering almost all of your home carpet cleaning needs so if you’re looking for the universal weapon in the war against dirt, dust and grime, this is the right pick-up for you.

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Last but definitely not least, comes the mop. Used mainly for cleaning floors, steam mops are perfect for getting rid of the soiling and stains high traffic areas of your home are categorized with. This type of steam cleaner offers the least variety but it’s still a popular choice because of its undeniable efficiency in adequately cleaning even the most contaminated floors. If you have a pet, a big family or you’re having people over all the time, then a steam mop might be able to cover all of your necessities.



Steam cleaners are a sound investment because of the amount of money you save on detergents. In the long run, the sum you pay for the purchase of one is nothing compared the measure of your savings. Be that as it may, there is still the issues of where to buy your steam cleaner from. Sure, you save a lot by buying it, alone but why not save a little a more by getting it from a vendor who offers lower prices? We are not talking about saving pennies, here. Some larger stores offer prices about 30% to 40% higher than you might find online. Also, if you look around on the Internet, you might find a sale and get your steam cleaner on even lower prices. Keep that in mind before making a purchase.

Another thing some dealers offer is a longer warranty, which it goes without saying, should be a part of the reason you’re shopping with them. Just keep your eyes opened. There are great deals out there and you will find them if you don’t rush into buying right away.

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Final Words

Buying a steam cleaner is a great investment. It’s cost-efficient, effective and safe, with the added bonus of being easy to use and granting excellent results. If you take everything in this article under consideration, we are positive you will be happy with your purchase, save a lot of money and live in a clean, germ-free for a long, long time.

By Brandon Bradshaw