Essential Tips for Revamping Your Mustang

The Mustang is an American classic car that has been out for more than a decade. While many people are awaiting in anticipation for the release of the 2015 Mustang, others are content with making their current Mustang the best of the best. While the classic stock of the Mustang is quick, revamping it might be necessary for a more personalized experience on the road.


By Brett Levin under CC BY 2.0


Change the Exterior Color

Whether you want to replace the car color or do something less serious such as a Mustang exterior trim, aesthetic appeal will always turn an ordinary vehicle into something extraordinary. When you begin to choose the color that you desire, choose a color that you feel will work perfectly for you. A Mustang depicts your inner strength, so it should represent that to the maximum. Add decals and other exterior coloring for a more intensified look on the car.

Add a New Engine

Engines are the bread and butter of Mustangs because they are an American muscle car. Though it might not seem like a viable option, changing the engine will give the muscle car a newer, more intensified startup. Choose an engine that has more power and offers more fuel efficiency simultaneously. A new engine also means the car will run more efficiently and can last more miles.

Change the Interior

The interior, like the exterior, is an important aesthetic aspect that needs to be changed in order to fit the remainder of the car. Choose a material for seats that will suit your need and ensure the color always matches. For a classic look, go for analog gauges; however, for a more “advanced” aesthetic, choose digital gauges. The interior will be the best place to incorporate your level of style and finesse.

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Get Add-Ons for the Vehicle

Sporty vehicles and muscle cars can both be decorated and have add-ons that can change the overall appeal of the vehicle. Further, specific mustang add-ons can make a muscle car look more like a sport’s car and a sports car more like a muscle car. For example, the type of spoiler placed can change the aesthetic drastically. The shape of the hood can make the vehicle look like a sports car or a muscle car. Investigating which look appeals more to your personality will work ideally.

Other add-ons include having different colored headlights, sunroofs and like-minded parts. Be aware that some add-ons will work better than others varying on what you want. It is important to remember weight as well, since add-ons tend to add weight to the car. A heavier car is more difficult to turn and start-off than lighter vehicles.


Revamping a vehicle might seem tedious and, often times can be hard work. However, revamping a vehicle is a worthwhile experience, especially when it comes to an American classic such as the Mustang. Ensure that the Mustang you intend to work on is a spare vehicle since revamps can take weeks, months or even years varying on how much time you invest each day.

By Michelle Rebecca