How to Decorate a Room Using a Stylish Rug

If you’re carpets are looking a little threadbare, or you want to add some warmth and colour to your hardwood floors, a rug is the perfect ddcor accessory. This simple item can transform the look of a room, taking it from drab to beautiful in just a few seconds.

So how should you use a rug to make a room look more inviting and stylish? Here, we share a few easy tips which will help you to do this.
Balance things out
A rug is a fantastic item with which to counteract any excessively bold colour or patterns in the room, or conversely, to add a splash of colour to an otherwise neutral space. So for instance, if the fabric of the curtains and the sofa in your living room is quite ‘busy’, you can use a block coloured rug to balance this out. Similarly, if the room is filled with plain, simple and neutral toned furnishings, a bright, jewel toned rug will bring the space to life.

Get creative
Think outside the box when it comes to choosing a rug and take your particular home into consideration  for instance, you might love the look of a beautiful, large Persian rug, but this might not work well if your home is quite small or is decorated in a minimalist style. There are thousands of rugs for sale, in every shape, size and pattern imaginable, so don’t limit yourself to the traditional rectangular shape, or the classic colours and patterns, if these don’t fit in with your own personal tastes. Most importantly, make sure to carefully measure the space in which you intend to put the rug, before you start to shop, as you don’t want to discover the perfect rug, buy it and find out that it’s too big for the room. You may also want to invest in a rug liner if you are putting the rug on hardwood floors.

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Create a focal point
If you’ve just started to decorate the room and are not sure what decorative direction to take, you can use the rug as your starting point; for example:
– A beautiful rug in the centre of a space can serve as the ideal focal point and you can base your choice of other soft furnishings on the tones and patterns in the rug.
– If you want to use one room for multiple purposes  for example, if you want to use a section of your living room as a small home office of sorts, a rug can help you to achieve this.
– You can section off a particular corner of a room by using a rug in the area that you want to partition and another rug around which you can focus the main attention of the room.

These are very simple but effective ways to visually divide up room space. However, make sure that the rugs style, shape and colour complement one another  they needn’t be identical, though – there are lots of rugs for sale which are similar looking and work well together aesthetically.