5 Important Things To Consider While Shopping For Crochet Supplies

There are many artistic things that often go unnoticed. One of them is crochet. Crochet is one of the most artistic ways of making various items from thread. This activity is sort of like knitting. Different kinds of needles are used in knitting to pull loops of yarn into other loops. Similar to knitting, crochet requires a single hooked needle to pull yarn into loops. This needle is called a crochet hook, and is sort of like the needles used in knitting. The main job of these hooked needles is to draw thread through knotted loops. There are many things that can be made using crochet. To do this, you would first need some basic crochet supplies.

i) Variety of Articles

Some popular items that are made using crochet include blankets, carpets, table mats and table covers. Some articles of clothing can also be made using crochet. If you want, you can add some creativity and make trendy accessories, as well. There are different kinds of design and patterns for creating crochet items. Your basic crochet supplies will depend upon the type and quality of article you want to create, as well as the complexity of the pattern you have chosen.

ii) Basic Crochet Supplies 

Basic crochet supplies include a crochet needle and some thread. The color of the thread can vary according to your choice. If you have chosen a complex design for the article, you will need different kinds of needles, in various sizes, with different hook shapes.  Other than needles, you would also need different kinds of spinning yarn.

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Some designs are tough to make by yourself. As the complexity rises, your needs will also increase. An instructional book is must if you are trying to make a sophisticated item with intricate designs. Other than this, decoration items like beads, sequins, ribbons, and pompon circles can help make a crochet article look more attractive. Tape measures are also one of the basic things you’ll need.

iii) Crochet Needles

To make complex designs, a person will need different kinds of crochet needles with different sizes of crochet hooks. The size of a hook should match the kind of thread used to make an article. Crochet hooks are made from a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, wood, and bone. Hook sizes are generally categorized in millimeters. They may also be categorized in numbers or by English alphabets. There are different styles of crochet hooks. One of the most popular kind of crochet hook is a long length hook with a topper at one end. There are also double-ended hooks. Crochet needles with double-ended hooks help in using two colors of thread at the same time.

iv) Crochet Materials

Crochet materials mainly include various type of spinning yarn or thread, with different textures. Some types of yarn may have different thicknesses as well. Out of the several types of yarn, bulky weight yarn deserves a special mention. This yarn is mainly used to make sweaters, scarves or mittens. Spot weight yarn is sometimes used for weaving baby items. Some of the finest and most fabulous crochet materials include fibers of acrylic, cotton, silk, alpaca, and cashmere.

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v) Other Accessories

Out of other crochet accessories, the most important is an instructional book. This book is mainly needed for beginners. If you are planning to make a highly artistic piece, you would definitely need an instruction booklet in the preliminary stages.