The concept of visuals in the modern media

The process of pre- visualization can be observed during the pre production stage of movies, videos, games etc. often it is confused with the pre production stage itself. But that would be a wrong thing to do. Pre-production is covers all related aspects including the technical areas. On the other hand the process of pre visualization deals with all things creative. It is a vital part of the pre production process but not the entire process. It is also popularly known as pre-viz.

As evident from the term visualization, the process is all about planning and preparation of in order to achieve the perfect visuals that will suit the project. Suppose a computer game is about being developed. Then the pre-viz phase will include designing and finalizing the game’s characters, environment, the storyboard, sound designing etc.  The same thing will happen with a full scale movie. Scenes will be conceived, shots will be drawn out, and the appearance of the acting characters will be decided upon.  Once all these things are finalized the actual visualization process will begin where all the decided things will be created.

The pre visualization period can be quite lengthy because in every creative process it takes time to make up the mind. A character drawing can be cancelled and redrawn multiple times before it is finally approved. The same thing can be said about storyboards, scripts, textures, sound effects etc.  Pre-viz does not focus on issues such as camera, equipment, lighting, shooting location, casting of actors etc. these are part of the overall pre-production process.

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The pre-viz process requires contribution from many professionals to complete. To create storyboards you need storyboard artists, to design characters you need artists and animators. In addition you may have to take help from graphic designers, illustrators. You may also need to take help from sound designers so that you can match the images/scenes with appropriate sounds in order to create the ultimate audio visual experience.

In addition to the film and television industry, pre-viz has found its way to other fields as well. If you are planning to design a new logo for your product then you will have to go through a process before the final output comes. If you are planning a new ad film for your company, a pre-viz process is essential in order to decide its format, content and execution.  A very interesting application can be noticed in the field of architecture/ real estate. Before the actual construction of a project has started, you can attract people by showing them visuals that represent the probable results of the construction. This works as a kind of promotion to attract both potential customers as well as potential business associates.

By following a full pre visualization process you will enjoy certain advantages. As everything has been determined, the work can be carried out speedily. Pre planning prevents wastage of time and resources after the start of the work. Since all things are more or less determined the work will be accurate and efficient.