Different style options for private registration marks

Do your number plates make someone feel different about your vehicle? The answer is definitely no. The chances are that viewers see them the way you see them, an item to identify your vehicle. This is the function of number plates for that they had been made up. However, they can be more than what you think of them.

It is not only sports cars or luxury models that catch attention of people- attractive vehicle number plates even on a standard family sedan will make heads turn. When it comes to getting noticed, the powerful effects of number plates really work wonders. And of course, these are much cheaper option than purchasing a luxury car such as Ferrari.

It is likely that you might have seen a car containing number plates at one time or another that seem to indicate a name or a word.

You may design your private number plates or order your acrylic plates from any registration dealers.


Styles of private registration plates

The private registration plates have a wide variety of styles to choose from. You can make your cherished number plates, dateless licence plates, suffix plates, prefix number plate, and current style number plate.

1.Cherished licence number

These plates stand for dateless number plates. Remember, the registration plate does not bear characters that represent the year of issue. You can find a variety of formats under this registration. They are ‘A 1’, ‘A 12’, ‘A 123’, ‘AA 1’, ‘AAA 12’ and so on. These formats can be reversed as well.

2.Suffix registration marks

Suffix registration marks were brought into effect by the DVLA in 1963. These styles are also known as “suffix style” since the last character or suffix is the age identifier. This registration mark always follows the same structure.

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Letter, letter, letter and a space up to three numbers and letter; for instance,

‘ABC 1D’, ‘ABC 123D’

If your name is JOHNY, you can use ‘JON 35Y’ or if your name is MAT use MAT 3S.

 3.Prefix registration marks

Prefix licence plates were brought in the year 1983. The year character now has become a prefix format. This is the single letter prefix starting with ‘A’, one to three numeric, a space, a three number series and characters within this series that show area of origin. For instance,

The prefix registration N16 GKM stands for November 16th (date of birth) and a name George K Moore. You can find out many styles on the site of the registration dealers.

4.Current styles

A current style plate contains two letters, two numbers, a space and a three letter sequence. For instance, if your name is RUSSELL, use RU55 ELL.

How to have the number plate on your vehicle

In order to get your private plate through a private registration agency, you need to produce several documents. The documents are required to prove your identity.

You need to show your driving licence, your current electricity bill, passport, and an armed forced identity card and so on.

On the other hand, in order to have an entitlement of the registration mark you need to have a Vehicle registration certificate and so on.