Tracking Vehicle via your Mobile Phone or PC

Tracking Vehicle via your Mobile Phone or PC

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How can I trace my Vehicle?

You can use any mobile device like your mobile phone or even your laptop to locate the vehicle. The mobile phone or device has particular application installed and may have work on Active or Passive system for tracking.

A Passive System is powered by the vehicle engine and is useful in providing information only when the vehicle’s engine is switched ON. Information about the vehicle current location is then transmitted to the targeted PC where it is displayed on the screen.

On the other side, an Active System is alive all the times and will indicate location of the vehicle even when the vehicle’s engine is switched OFF. It does not matter whether the vehicle is parked in an underground parking or locked in a garage.

As the mobile phone has a shorter memory and other resources, they become slow in response while dealing with traffic in bulk. However, in fewer vehicles, mobile phones are considered the best for handling the information. Moreover, mobile phones provides mobility and have more signaling coverage than PCs, could be used anywhere while on the move. Tracking large numbers of vehicles data deals in bulk data transfer and storage. Hence PCs with good processor and large storage are recommended for the system.

Why Vehicle tracking?

Vehicle tracking is found to be very effective in ensuring vehicle safety all the times and is considered to be one of the most effective anti theft measure. Vehicles with tracking system like mSpy installed are very easy to locate and ultimately leads to their immediate recovery.

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Vehicle tracking system is also useful while monitoring a fleet of vehicles for best movement. It provides you the opportunity to keep have a bird eye view on your vehicles. In case of traffic congestion or breakdowns, you may suggest your vehicle drives the best available route which will minimize the fuel and time costs.

In dealing with cargo business, with Vehicle Tracking System, you will be well informed about the exact location of your vehicles and their loading/ unloading. It will lead to reduced insurance premiums and profit to your company. However, prior deploying vehicle tracking system in your company, as a law, the employees must be informed for tracking their position.

How it works?

Like any other navigation system it is based on Global Positioning System (GPS). The tracking device has GPS. The device is fitted inside the targeted vehicle. It sends communication signals to the desired mobile device or PC which has particular software installed via satellite connection. The software then displays the exact location of the targeted vehicle on your mobile or PC.

In cases where it is required to monitor vehicles in bulk, it is better to use a PC for displaying the vehicles position. Mobile phones are however slow in response and has less display area on screen as compared to PCs. Hence PCs are mostly used to monitor vehicles in large.

A reliable and cost effective anti-theft measure

Vehicle tracking systems are very reliable and are cheap in price. The system has a reliable and strong communication channel for fast/ permanent response. The communication can be performed through any of the 24 hours available twenty satellites. Availability of twenty odd satellites ensures the global coverage and reliable connection.

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