Jag Merchandise UK: Find the Perfect Present for Boys Who Love Cars

A lot of boys grow up with a fascination for cars. Whilst little girls prefer playing with dolls, boys develop a taste for the fast and furious. Once they get a little bit older you can bet your bottom dollar they will begin nagging you because they want to take your car for a drive. Obviously, letting a kid loose at the wheel is never going to happen. Thus, you need to find ways to feed their passion for cars and keep them satisfied. One of the best ways you can do this is through buying car merchandise. In order to give you a better understanding and spark off some ideas, read on to discover some of the best types of Jag merchandise UK that are suitable for children.


Car models

There are lots of different Jaguar car models available for purchase on the internet. Older people tend to like these as ornaments and thus view them as a collector’s item. Nevertheless, you can find models for as little as £5 and therefore, they can also be a great purchase when it comes to buying a toy for your child. Your little boy will have great fun building up their collection and playing with their stylish and suave mini Jaguar vehicles. Furthermore, with so many models available, you now have birthday and Christmas presents sorted for many years to come.


Jaguar children’s bear

Many people would not expect Jaguar to have their very own bear, but they do! This is a great option when buying for boys of a younger age. You get to incorporate their interest for cars whilst still including age appropriateness. The plush bear comes with a branded Jaguar ribbon and thus everybody will know that this teddy bear is not your average one. Your little boy will now have a partner for his Jaguar journeys and races (no matter how made-up they may be).

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Jag Merchandise UK
By TTTNIS (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Most children get fussy about what they wear once they get to a certain age. And thus, the morning can become a bit of a challenge when it comes to getting ready. As summer is on the way you need to make sure you protect your child’s skin. Therefore, a cap becomes a must-have wardrobe addition. By purchasing a Jaguar cap you can ensure your child won’t argue with you when it comes to wearing it, nor will they remove it when you are not looking. This is a great method of getting your own way whilst also keeping your little one happy at the same time.


The three items mentioned are the top three Jag merchandise UK products suitable for children. If none of these tickle your fancy then you may also want to consider the likes of a t-shirt or a key ring. The Jaguar merchandise collection is vast and impressive so make sure you take a look at it on the internet. This is a sure fire way of keeping your child happy and embracing their love for cars. Just make sure you keep your car keys well hidden.