5 Common Signs of Hard Water in the Home

Hard water is one of those stealthy home maintenance problems that often escapes detection – that is, until you notice those scaly, dingy stains on tubs and sinks, or your water pressure begins to drop. While hard water poses no hazards to your health, it can eat away at water pipes and cause other irritating problems, like less-than-lustrous hair or mineral stains on your favorite clothes.

In many parts of the United States, hard water is a problem – from Florida to North Dakota and points in between, you may have excessive minerals in your tap water that can cause problems over time.


1.     Sub-par showers

If you feel like your hair is limp and lifeless, the problem could be hard water. The minerals in hard water can build-up in hair and make it heavy. They also make it more difficult to get a good lather with shampoo – and in turn, you may end up using more shampoo in an attempt to get your hair clean.

You may also find that your once-robust shower head has scaly deposits that reduce water pressure, making it harder to rinse all that shampoo out of your hair. The end result is a disappointing shower that leaves you feeling less than squeaky-clean.


2.     Soap scum

Hard water doesn’t just leave shampoo in your hair and a soapy film on your skin, it also causes unsightly rings or spots around your bathtub. These stains can be especially stubborn and difficult to get scrub away. Why do these spots settle in your bathroom? Hard water contains high amounts of magnesium, calcium and iron, and these substances act as a magnet for soap, making it cling to the tub or shower walls.

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3.     Dingy clothes

If you have hard water, don’t expect your laundry to turn out fluffy and fresh. The magnesium and calcium in your water can sometimes leave yellowish discolorations, streaks, spotting and stains on your clothing. These minerals may also give your laundry a dingy appearance and create a stiff feel that is anything but pleasant.


4.     Dry, irritated skin

If your skin is constantly dry and irritated, your water might be the reason behind your beauty woes. When hard water leaves a soapy film on your body and hair after you bathe, it actually dries out your skin and makes it difficult for products to soak in and provide that much-needed moisture.


5.     Uneven water pressure

The minerals in hard water can accumulate over time in your pipes, significantly restricting the flow of water, and creating poor or uneven water pressure around your house. If you’ve noticed that the flow of water from your faucets has slowed to a sad drip, hard water buildup might be to blame.

Many homes around the United States struggle with problems caused by hard water, but water softener dealers nationwide understand the particular problems in your local water supply. A professional can recommend the best course of action for you – like whether you need a home filtration system or water softener.

If you’re tired of scrubbing scaly deposits around your home, find out what’s in your water and take steps to make it better.


Author: Casandra Lynne – Follow her on Google+.

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