How To Grow Rainbow Children

Rainbow children are the successors of Crystal children. Even though a great number of rainbow children was born by now, they just begin to populate the planet. In the present, they represent the highest level of human consciousness.

They are the third generation of special children, following the Indigo and Crystal ones. Their main purpose is to help humanity evolve in harmony. Rainbow children are born after year 2000. In some cases, there are children who came on Earth earlier in order to help the younger ones. These children are born in a new dimension of consciousness, more exactly the common consciousness.

They are perfectly balanced, very confident and they don’t support aggressivity. They are intuitive and have extra sensorial abilities that makes them unique. They can easily function without sleep or food and they don’t have karma. This means that they are pure souls and they only operate thorough love. These children will be easily recognized, because their energy is strong and they like to give others love.

Rainbow children have healing powers. Due to their high level of energy, they can be hyperactive and exhaust the others around them. Their heart Chakra in very beautiful and they can heal with its help, surrounding us into a positive energy. They have big eyes, a strong personality, which is why they can be characterized as being stubborn. Even from a young age they are perfectly capable of expressing what they want and what they need. When they need something or someone, they are expecting an immediate manifestation of certain things.

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Full of life and extremely positive, they manage to connect with everything around them. They have a loving and forgiving soul and they are very sensitive. They respect the nature and cherrish it, wanting to protect it and make others do the same.

Rainbow children can have immunity to junk food and the majority of them have the ability to manage the mutant cells and food that can lead to poisoning. It is an important ability, because most of people cannot recognize the toxins that all the food have nowadays. This thing is due to the blood that has the ability to clean unwanted toxins and bacteria from food and air.

If you are a parent of a Rainbow child, you must know that he is special and has special needs. Try to understand him, communicate with him and find out his needs. He is very honest and he wants to know you are taking him seriously. Because they don’t have a karma, being pure souls, they can choose the family then want to be born in. They chose you and this is because they knew they could grow up in a perfectly functional family with mind opened parents who are willing to listen to him.

He is not like any other child and this is why you shouldn’t compare him to others. He is unique and he is not afraid of anything. They do not develop guilt, shame or fear and they only comply to the social norms if they find them in harmony with their own principles.

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They can empahtyze and retrieve the state of the others around them. Thus, he will take negaitive energy on him, but he will heal easily. This is why you need to be careful and try to live surrounded by love and peace in your family. He can feel when something is not right and this is why you need to communicate with him and try to give love and be in harmony with everyone around you just like he will.