Which is the Best Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5?

With launch of new handsets like Samsung Galaxy Note 2, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4, all of them which are the best handsets to own, have become all the more difficult for the people round the globe to decide which suits them the most. All of these are one of the best devices of this year. This article would however, would probably help you to decide to a great extent which phone is the best.


Now, let’s start with the display of the phone. IPhone 5 has got 4 inch display screen while the Galaxy Note 2 has got a massive of 5.5 inch screen. This is simply fabulous if you want to watch the videos or use it for reading. However, one disadvantage with such a massive screen is that you have to use both your hands to do almost everything on the phone.


Talking about the processor, the Galaxy Not 2 has got two times faster than the Apple phone with more RAM. Also, the Note 2 has even got the double battery size at 31 mAh. But still, this Apple phone has got a great battery life having 8 hours of talk time. That means, it would last an entire day. However, the Galaxy Note 2 has got a whopping of 35 hours of talk time battery life. This means that you can go with your phone without charger for an entire week.


Also, the Galaxy Note 2 is equipped with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean while this new Apple phone has got its own proprietary OS, iOS 6. It is being noted that the iOS system has got the better functioning than the others.

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Now, talking about the Galaxy S4 as well, this smartphone has even got a larger display screen having 4.99 inch. It has even got a massive battery size of 2100 mAh. This smartphone has even got the hovering hand technology. This new feature will allow the users to hover their fingers just a few inches above the screen and hence, one can easily navigate by this. This feature is absolutely amazing and fabulous, which would compel lots of people to buy samsung galaxy s4.


However, the new Apple phone has got sleeker look and amazing display but the Samsung handsets doesn’t look too attractive for plastic materials being used. But both the smart phones is equipped with 8 megapixel rear camera. The Galaxy Note 2 has got a 1.9 MP front camera while the Apple phone has got a 1.2 MP and the Galaxy S4 has got a 2 MP. The Galaxy Note 2 has got attractive features with split screen and also triple screen.


Hence, now we can conclude her by saying that the Galaxy Note 2 has got a bigger display, storage, battery and processor. While on the other side, the Apple phone has got better design, looks, price tags and even camera which gives better shots even in low light conditions and faster image capture. And the Galaxy S4 has got bigger screen, fabulous features and better battery. You can decide on the operating system; Android or iOS. Now which phone would you prefer to have?

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