Cleaning the Annoying Stains from Plastic Objects

Plastic plates and cups are things that every family has in its kitchen. They are very good to be used when you have small children, which can break the other stuff and get cut. They are a little unstable but still very good for the purpose.


There is another situation in which the plastic cups and plates can be very useful and this is when you are going to picnic or somewhere out on the open and it is not good to bring glass with you.

Unlikely the other sets that are made of porcelain and can be easily washed, the biggest disadvantage of the plastic things used for food is that they often get dirty from the stuff that is put inside them and the stains are not so easy to be removed. With the time this stains do not fade, just the opposite they get worse and nastier. That is why they have to be removed using special cleaning ingredients and the sooner you remove the spots the easier it will be for you.

Several methods of cleaning will be suggested in the article and everyone can pick the one that seems the most suitable. The vinegar way to clean is the most used and famous one, as many people know how useful it can be for cleaning of so many things. Except the vinegar you will also need water, soap and a bucket. You can start as you put the dirty objects in a container that can hold them all. Pour water and vinegar as you use equal parts of them both. The objects you will like to clean have to stay in this mixture. The more stubborn the stain is, the longer you should leave your dirty cups and stains in the bucket or container. An overnight should be enough even for the hardest cases. When you take the plastic things out of the water wash them with mild soap and water. Dry them and if there is nothing dirty left they are ready. Repeat the soaking in the water and vinegar when it is necessary.

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The other method of cleaning  includes the use of alcohol and bleach. Put the thing you are going to clean inside an empty bowl or bucket. Because alcohol and bleach can harm many surfaces, make sure that the vessel you have chosen will catch any drips falling from the plastic things you will be cleaning. Pour the alcohol directly on the dirty places and scrub the area, as you use rubber gloves, which will help you protect the skin on your hands. Let it stay like this for several minutes and take the bleach then. Put in on the dirty parts along with the alcohol and once more let it stay like this for several minutes. Then you can rinse with warm water. Make sure you have washed both alcohol and bleach very good. To be sure you have removed any residues from the last detergents you can wash the plates and cups one more time with your dishwashing cleaner or mild soap.

Believe it or not the sunshine can also be very helpful when it is combined with lemon juice. You will need one lemon fruit which should be cut in two pieces. Take one of them and rub the problematic area with it. Right after that leave the plastic item on direct sunlight. The interaction between the lemon juice and the sun has the power of bleach, with the only difference that there are no dangerous liquids and unpleasant smell.