Energy Healing Misconceptions Nobody Should Believe

Does Energy Healing Work or Not?

This is a question that often comes up when it comes to energy healing. Nowadays, modern medicine is fully accepted. At the same time, the hated big pharma companies keep getting bigger and bigger.

In this setting, holistic wellness is instantly overshadowed and even discounted.

What is interesting is that more and more people are interested in alternative and complementary medicine every single day. People simply look at what has been used for thousands of years to heal themselves.

There are countless alternative medicine options that were proven to be effective. Energy healing is actually one of them.

Defining Energy Healing

Energy healing is practically all about understanding the body’s subconscious mind and body frequencies so that emotions, thoughts and stressors that negatively influence one’s health can be identified.

The practitioner uses various techniques and strategies, including spirituality, to help clients achieve a proper mind-body balance. The goal is to aid alleviate health concerns and improve overall wellness.

What you might not know is that energy healing has been practiced for thousands of years. It is still being used today so there has to be some truth behind the hype.

Unfortunately, although there is proof that energy healing can help in different situations, people are skeptical. This is mainly because of a lack of understanding.

Energy healing does not refer to incense, chanting or magic crystals. There is nothing magical about it. This is why, you should be aware of the following myths. They are simply false.

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1. Energy Healing Is Not Backed By Science

This is by far the most common and oldest energy healing myth out there. In reality, there are leading institutions like the NCHS and the NCCAM that conducted related research.

The studies showed through the work of numerous researchers that energy healing is capable of improving a person’s immune system, speed up recovery, reduce pain and so much more. You can read about some of the science here.

2. Energy Therapists Transfer Your Energy Away From The Body

The myth states that the energy practitioner will transfer energies right from your body so you end up exhausted. In reality, the practitioner will remove the energetic imbalances so that you end up feeling better, not exhausted.

Discomfort is normal to appear after a session since energy is processed for the purpose of healing. However, it is the negative energies that are affected and you end up feeling them less.

3. Energy Healing Is New

In reality, energy healing has existed and was used for thousands of years. Before Western medicine was introduced, together with specialized doctors and hospitals, it was the local shaman or medicine woman that helped people.

The primitive practitioners did not know what modern medicine knows. They used various techniques in order to help align energies and practically enhance the natural recovery abilities of the human body.

Even right now, the much-documented Chinese medicine heavily relies on meridians, channels and chakras.

4. Energy Healing Only Works If You Are Religious

Energy healing is all about activating the energy system of your body and removing blocks or negative energies that prevent self-healing. There is absolutely no connection to religion.

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The confusion appeared because energy healing does involve trusting a higher power, which practically means believing something that is important for you, based on your beliefs. You get to choose what is important to you.

5. Energy Therapy Is Simply Massage Therapy

There are massage therapists out there that use various energy healing techniques. However, this does not mean that energy healing is just a glorified massage.

Some energy healing types involve having a practitioner conduct some hand movements right over your body. This is aimed to identify and move energy flow. There are even some techniques that involve adding magnets to body meridians.

No matter the case, tissue massage or physical manipulation are never used.

6. Some Special Healing Powers Are Used

In reality, every single person in the world can become a good energy practitioner, as long as some effort is put into learning. Also, there is this need to genuinely want to help other people.

When your goal is to help, you can learn. There are no individuals that have special healing powers.

7. The Energy Practitioner Always Needs To Be Used

Certified practitioners are always beneficial but you can also achieve higher energy wellness alone. For instance, when visiting the practitioner, you can enjoy the session and then you can continue everything through Epsom salt baths or positive affirmations.

It is completely possible to tap right into your own subconscious mind so that you can remove the negative energies trapped in you. They might be causing emotional and physical ailments.

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8. You Become A Hippie After Energy Healing

There are way too many that think people that believe in energetic body transportations are just hippies. When you practice energy healing you will not go into non-showering, herb-smoking or anything else associated with hippie culture. Obviously, it might happen, but only if you really want it.

Final Thoughts

The misconceptions mentioned above about energy healing are just some of the really common ones that can be highlighted. You should never believe what someone tells you with blind conviction.

The best thing you can do when you want to learn about energy healing is to talk with a certified practitioner.