Fixing Motorcycle Saddlebags to Your Mean Machine

Most motorcycle riders carry along with them many gadgets and accessories which make their traveling around very convenient and comfortable. Aside from the important tools and the cup holder which are the usual accessories of a motorbike for short and long distance travels, most bikers affix motorcycle saddlebags to their bikes to make sure that they got every necessary tool at hand while traveling.  Saddlebags come in different forms and sizes. But the usual challenge for both male and female bikers is how to affix the saddlebag conveniently and safely to the motorbike. Let me give you a simple procedure on how to mount your saddlebag on your motor bike.


Step-by-step procedure on How to Mount a Motorcycle Saddlebag

Mounting motorcycle bags on your bike is not a simple process. Your knowledge of geometry will come in handy while mounting the saddlebag, because you got to do a bit of precise measurement to figure out where to position the mounting brackets. So here are the simple steps:

By J.E. Fee (originally posted to Flickr as Black Bike) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By J.E. Fee (originally posted to Flickr as Black Bike) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

–          First, you should figure out the point where you are going to affix the saddlebag. Lift the saddlebag towards the part of the bike where you are going to mount bag. In your mind, try to imagine how the saddlebag would look on your bike once it is mounted. Likewise, find out if it would fit well in the chosen space, and will not handicap your movement while you are mounted on your bike.

–          Mark the points where you are going to bore holes for the bolts of the brackets. Moreover, make sure that your measurements are precise. Double check the distance of the markings to make sure that you are going to drill the holes in the right places.

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–          Afterwards, drill the necessary holes, and attach the brackets to the marked places. Once the brackets are in place, affix the motorcycle saddlebags using the bolts. Tighten the bolts to make sure that the bags are firmly attached to the brackets.


Yet, there is no other way to test the strength and durability of the newly mounted bag except by filling the motorcycle luggage with all necessary things and accessories which you would like to place inside the bag. Likewise, double check the attachment to make sure that the bag will not fall out.

Lastly, there are various sizes and designs of leather saddlebags from which you could readily choose the most suitable for your bike. Choose the one which will definitely fit into your motorbike. You can either buy these saddlebags from your nearest bike accessories store, or you may opt to buy the item online.  Price of a saddlebag may range from few bucks to several hundred bucks depending on the style, design, and durability of the item.