How to Get Organized at Home

Organization is a challenge for many people who’s daily lives get so busy. With work, school, spouses, families and kids all vying for your time, staying organized may not be at the top of your “to do” list. But, as we do recognize that there are few precious minutes in the day to focus on organizing your home, if you had some tools that would make it easier along the way, you will actually save time! Why? Because if we have a dedicated space to put something away, and we make the effort to put it away in the same spot every time, we will always know where that item is and that can make your life flow so much easier.


Here’s a few tips to help you get organized at home and stay that way:

Do Not Strive for Perfection

The most important thing to achieving an organized home and life is to just make the commitment to follow the rules you have set in place. If it’s “sort the mail right when it comes” (instead of letting it stack up on the kitchen table), then make it a point to do that. But, don’t beat yourself up by striving for perfection. Just accomplishing the task is what is important here, not how perfectly it is done. Be sure to praise yourself with a reward system when you have staying with your new rules for at least 3 weeks. It takes 21 days to form a new habit, so, after 3 weeks you are well on your way to sticking with your routine.

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Everything in Its Place

Don’t be tempted to create a box or bin that you label or tell yourself is “miscellaneous”. After a few days, you will not remember what is in there, and then you’ve just created a box of disorganization, and are not furthering your cause to stay organized at home. Now, this doesn’t have to be an expensive task. You can get plastic bins from the $1 store to sort and organize every room, drawer and closet. Once you decide which box or drawer is for “hairclips” and which one is for “Sally’s Toys”, you may want what’s inside to be easier to find as well. There are great organizers and inserts available with pockets and elastic bands that make it very easy to store and find even the tiniest items. Many are small enough that you can remove it from the box or drawer and take it with you. This is especially helpful with cell phone can camera cords (and memory chips), hair accessories, items you want to move in and out of your purse and kids toys.


Involve Others

Unless you live alone, you certainly cannot do this task by yourself or you will always be the one constantly cleaning and organizing the whole house for everyone. Be sure to get every member of the family involved and make sure they are clear on what the new routine is in order for you to achieve success throughout the household. They may even find that it’s fun to stay organized if each one gets to choose their own color storage bin or basket.
Best of luck and happy organizing!

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