Rules for cleaning

You usually spend the whole weekend cleaning the apartment? I invite you to join the club of smart hosts, with no more cleaning than 10 to 15 minutes a day. Is it possible? Well, modern times dictate new rules. And we should follow these rules if we want to be efficient and practical. You just need to change your way of thinking and apply to your everyday life new methods for maintaining high level of cleanliness. Think about why you spend so much time for cleaning? Rethink your behavior in everyday life – you can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on cleaning your home if you follow some simple rules. Here are a few of them.

Start throwing

If you are one of those people who does not throw anything away, even if it is beyond repair, its value is lost forever or you no longer need it, then accept the new rule: you need to get rid of those items that you haven’t used last year. This rule applies to clothes, appliances, utensils and useless more.


Not saving money at the expense of comfort

Each has its own ways of spending money on home appliance, but just don’t forget that when you buy a new vacuum cleaner or anything else, “buy” hours of not cleaning in the old-fashioned way which takes too much time of your life. Then you should agree that it’s quite a good deal not saving money at the expanse free non-cleaning hours.


Choose fabrics that do not require special care

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You probably have a bunch of clothes that have easily gone to waste or clothes that you should take them to the Islington cleaners regularly. It turns out that all these things are huge hidden burden in your life. Next time when you buy a new outfit , first look at the ethics of what material is made. This rule applies to everything that surrounds you – not only clothes but also furniture, wallpaper, flooring, etc. When it comes time to buy something new, your main priorities is choosing something that is easy for cleaning.


Create a plan

Think about not losing your days for cleaning the house, so I suggest an action plan, divided into several “points” that will clean the apartment for 5-10 minutes a day during the week. Divide your tasks for each day – Monday, wipe the dust, on Tuesday toilet and so on. Every day do something different – don’t leave all the work for the weekend.


Use boxes

For full use of all existing shelves, cabinets, etc., use boxes. Thus, everything will look much tidier, because no one will see what’s inside. If you don’t want spend money for boxes, you can make home made boxes with almost any kind of stable material. Get the box and color it or just make some decoration depending on your taste. Let your imagination free, but not forget to look for the right colors that will suit all other surroundings.


Everything is nearby

Organize everything so that when you need something it is easy to be found. If it is difficult to get to a vacuum cleaner, carpet is less likely to be cleaned regularly.

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