Nikon Coolpix s9200 Details and Features


‘Technology’ these days have became more of the necessity rather than being a luxury, and why not as all these various products which are provided to us are only helping us in making our life better but are also designed in manner that we live best of time. In short while there are many appliances in market which are designed and developed to make our life easier there are few others as well which are designed so that we can have a extra edge on everything we plan to do.

And one of those can be easily named as cameras, as even though these products are not a necessity but still these are helping us in so many ways like preserving our memories for ever. And the product from the same category we are planning to talk about can be named as nikon coolpix s9200. So check out all the various reasons which are mentioned below and know why this device is more than perfect of you.

Key features

Key features are the main reasons we look for a particular device, thence before we move on to any other part of this discussion it’s important that we cover all the various reason we should go for the same.

1. Full HD recording facility is definitely one of the main reasons you should look for this product, as with the help of same you’ll receive some of the best pictures you can ever capture.

2. Facilitated with CMOS image sensor for making work easier

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3. 3 inch Wide Viewing Angle TFT LCD Monitor with Anti-reflection Coating so that you can get a better preview and after view of the pick you are planning on.

4. 16.0 Megapixel Camera

5. 35 mm Equivalent Focal Length: 25 – 450 mm

6. f/3.5 – f/5.9 Aperture

7. 18x Optical Zoom and 4x Digital Zoom so that you can capture whatever you want to with ease.


Moving on to the section were we can discuss few features this new nikon digital camera is coming with. As we know availability of various shooting modes has became pretty important these days, as it provides us a chance to try new things and experiment with the pictures we’ll be clicking. Therefore nikon has provided 19 different shooting modes in this product of theirs, making sure all of them are essential enough.


Performance of the same is super good as well, as all those who have tried this camera are very much satisfied with the same. In fact according to user’s nikon coolpix s9200 price is way far less looking at the possibility same is providing to them.

Final words

Finally we can say that if you are planning for a nice working digital camera this product can become one of the best choices for you.

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